Thursday, April 17, 2014 Reviews GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL


Review By Felix Vasquez, Jr.

There’s divine intervention and then there’s divine annoyance, and Greg gets a first class lesson in the latter when he meets his guardian Angel. Greg is an average Joe who awakens one morning to find his Guardian Angel intent on helping him through the day. Advising him to wear a red tie instead of a green turns out to have beneficial results for Greg, who meets his boss with a fixation on Red Ties. But what begins as a bout of fortune from above turns in to an utter nuisance.

Dan Kowalski’s comedy short really manages to inspire laughter and giggles as he takes the premise to ridiculous proportions and turns the guardian angel in to a being you’d be better off without. Maybe it’s not always a good idea to rely on some kind of force beyond to make every decision, and soon Greg begins to rely on himself to decide how his fate turns out. Elmer J. Santos is especially hilarious as the irritating guardian angel who seems to have Greg’s best interests at heart, and eventually becomes such a burden that Greg pleads to be left alone.

Director Kowalski’s comedy short has great timing and a slew of sharp performances that help turn this somewhat extraordinary gift in to an absolute curse. Especially when it becomes clear that Greg’s Guardian Angel may not be the sharpest pencil in the box. “Greg’s Guardian Angel” was a laugh riot, and I really like Dan Kowalski’s method for short form storytelling and I definitely look forward to seeing what he can do with a feature length project in the future.


I'll be catching a 3:30PM bus tomorrow afternoon to make my way to Boston. I'll get to hang out with Sean for a bit and then start bright and early on Saturday morning.

I'm thrilled to work with Sean, as always, but I'm looking forward to working once again with DP Chris Loughran (THE TUCK) and my MALLAS, MA colleagues Joel McLeish and Maya Landi.

Rehearsals and Lines for ROUNDING THIRD

Rehearsals for ROUNDING THIRD have been going very well so far. I'm excited that I'll be getting back on a stage, in front of a live audience. Working with Larry and Travis so far has been a delight. We laugh, talk the scenes out and then we work and already, things are shaping nicely. Michael, as a character, is closer to who I really am more than any character I've played, at least recently. You would think that playing a character similar to yourself would be a cake walk? Nope. If you're honest with yourself, the challenges become greater, which is just fine with me.

Lines are coming along very well. I have only the final 5 pages to work on....then the real fun begins.

Monday, April 07, 2014

SUCH A FUNNY LIFE Teaser Trailer

Here is the teaser trailer for writer / director Oliver Mann's feature film SUCH A FUNNY LIFE, starring Gonzalo Trigueros. My peppy voice, as a radio host, is featured throughout the trailer. Thanks, Oliver!

Back On Stage

ROUNDING THIRD will mark the first time I've been on stage since IVANOV ended it's run in October of 2012. I'm thrilled and delighted at the chance to jump back in front of a live audience, with great material and stellar people to work with in both Larry and Travis.


Rehearsals are already going great for ROUNDING THIRD. Working with Larry again, of course is a delight, but it's especially thrilling to work with Travis. Lines are coming along for both of us, which is nice, because the sooner we get those books out of our hands, the sooner we can play and this piece is all about the playing.

I have only 15 more pages to lock down and then I'll be completely off book.

Back with rehearsal tomorrow night.


Director Sean Meehan got back to me regarding the videos I sent him on Friday and he preferred, as I did, take two of my reading of Walter. That take on him was all business, but underneath that side (hopefully) an honesty and vulnerability comes through.


I received the word last night from writer / director Oliver Mann, that the teaser trailer for his film SUCH A FUNNY LIFE, is to be released today.

Hope to share it with you.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Two Takes On Walter

It's always fun to play around with characters, try different readings and approaches. So, I decided to try an exercise today with the character of Walter in TOTAL PERFORMANCE. I filmed the same brief scene twice, but tried to do something a little different with each take. 

In the first take, I went for the sympathetic approach, whereas in the second take, I'm trying to be all business, but you can see that this is very difficult for him. Even though Walter appears only briefly in the film, I hope to give him layers and complexity.

Here's Take One:

Here's Take Two:

I sent these videos to Sean Meehan to get his thoughts.

TOTAL PERFORMANCE - Thoughts on Walter

The character of Walter, who I'm playing in TOTAL PERFORMANCE, appears briefly in the film, but it's an interesting little, supporting part, that can be played several ways.

Sean Meehan sees Walter as a guy who, with his partner and best friend, was able to very successfully run his company because they were two halves of a great executive. Walter was always great about making the right decision, but his partner was great at delivering the harsh news. So, the struggle for him is that he ultimately knows that this is the right thing to do, but he’s realizing that he hasn’t had the be the one to break this sort of news to anyone in a long time. A good guy who has the right idea, but isn’t very forthcoming about it. He cares. That’s why, after his session with Cori is done, he’s so interested in if he’s “doing a good job.”

I agree with Sean completely on this. It gives me higher stakes for Walter.

Looking forward to the 19th. 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lines, Lines, Lines

Lines for ROUNDING THIRD are already coming along. I'm pretty solid on Act One and have started on Act Two.

Rehearsal tomorrow night.