Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cast In Comedy/Drama ROUNDING THIRD...To Go Up At The Millbrook Playhouse

I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to the Millbrook Playhouse in Mill Hall, PA to appear in Richard Dresser's fun comedy/drama ROUNDING THIRD, directed by my good friend Lawrence Lesher

The play is about Don and Michael, who are two well-meaning dads eager to coach their sons' Little League team to victory - as soon as they can agree on exactly what that means. Veteran coach Don wants to win at all costs; newcomer Michael just wants the kids to have fun. Stuck together for an entire season, they struggle to resolve their differences and get their team to the championship. It's a scary look at raising kids in a world where winning is everything.

I'm excited to jump into this piece, as this play has it all, plus I'll have the pleasure of sharing the stage with the superb Travis Stroessenreuther. Travis will be playing Don and I'll be playing Michael. 

This show will be a blast! Check it out if you can.

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