Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cast In Comedy/Drama ROUNDING THIRD...To Go Up At The Millbrook Playhouse

I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to the Millbrook Playhouse in Mill Hall, PA to appear in Richard Dresser's fun comedy/drama ROUNDING THIRD, directed by my good friend Lawrence Lesher

The play is about Don and Michael, who are two well-meaning dads eager to coach their sons' Little League team to victory - as soon as they can agree on exactly what that means. Veteran coach Don wants to win at all costs; newcomer Michael just wants the kids to have fun. Stuck together for an entire season, they struggle to resolve their differences and get their team to the championship. It's a scary look at raising kids in a world where winning is everything.

I'm excited to jump into this piece, as this play has it all, plus I'll have the pleasure of sharing the stage with the superb Travis Stroessenreuther. Travis will be playing Don and I'll be playing Michael. 

This show will be a blast! Check it out if you can.

For details on the production, please visit:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Informal Reading Today of Play WINE AND SPIRITS

Thanks to Mike Funk for tapping me to appear in an informal reading on Thomas Ott's comedy/drama WINE AND SPIRITS.

It was a pleasure!


Great news about TOTAL PERFORMANCE, the shooting days have been set and I'm set to work one day on the film, which will be April 19th.

The shoot will likely take place in Boston, which works just fine for me, as I love working and traveling to Boston.

Here is the cast and crew list for TOTAL PERFORMANCE:

Cori: Tory Berner
Tim: Steven Conroy
Annie: Caitlin Berger
Rafi: Anthony Rainville
Bruce: Paul Locke
Susan: Lauren B. Nelson
Walter: Timothy J. Cox
Auditioner: TBD
Lauren: TBD
Waiter: TBD

Director: Sean Meehan
Producers: Alessandra Brown, Korey McIsaac, Sean Meehan, Anthony Russo
Cinematographer: Chris Loughran
Assistant Director: Anthony Russo
Production Manager: Alessandra Brown
Gaffer: Joe McLeish

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I received word a few days back that my scenes for the film TOTAL PERFORMANCE will be shot on either April 19th or 20th.

More to report soon.

Friday, March 14, 2014

48 Hour Film Challenge with 8MM Films

This morning, I received an email from Ross Mahler of 8MM about working together again on another 48 Hour Film Project, which I jumped at, as I had a blast working on DARK ROMANCE last year with Ross and his talented son Matthew.

The competition is in May, so when we get our genre, we'll be able to make our film.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I haven't heard from the director of the film REDEMPTION since February 24th, so it doesn't look like it's to be with that project.

Monday, March 03, 2014


The 6 part web series MOVING UP THE MOUNTAIN, which I worked on this past July, comes out on April 1st with new episodes every 2 weeks. 

The series revolves around 14 year old, Sienna and how her life changes after a youtube video of her singing goes viral. I will be appearing in one episode as Sienna's agent.

Please find below the link to the music video that is the "back story" to the whole show. We are hoping to build in audience before the show premieres, so if you can, please check it out.

Saturday's Reading

Saturday's reading of OF PRIVILEGE AND PROPERTY was laid back, relaxed and fun.

It was nice to read Tony's words again. Tony really has something here. He tells the story of the 1741 slave revolt in NYC, but tells it as a farce/satire, which is fantastic.

I really hope he takes this show to the next level.