Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great Story About Laura Jane Writer / Director of A HUNGRY MODEL

Here is a great story about filmmaker Laura Jane and her adventures in bringing A HUNGRY MODEL to life.

Ten days left to help a US Navy sailor fulfill her dream

Commanding Officer Humphrey Lee congratulates AE2(AW) Jane on her selection as Junior Sailor of the Year.

Colorado born Laura Jane, US Navy sailor by day, is finally putting her BFA in Film and TV Production to use. In hopes of staying afloat as a civilian when she gets out of the military in 2015, Ms. Jane is bringing her screenplay A HUNGRY MODEL to life.

Utilizing Kickstarter, a web site used predominantly by creative people to solicit seed money for various projects, she hopes to raise enough money to shoot two short excerpts from her script. She believes that by marketing these short teasers alongside her screenplay, she will be able to find a major production company willing to fund the feature length film.

 Since launching the campaign on January 1, 28 backers have pledged around $6,000. But, with 10 days to go, the project will only be funded if Laura Jane can reach her goal of $13,000 by January 30.
A HUNGRY MODEL, awarded Best Screenplay in the 2006 Women’s Fusion Film Festival, is an adaptation of Franz Kafka’s A HUNGER ARTIST. It is a stylistic dark comedy, which critiques common conceptions of beauty. While her plan is to create a wildly entertaining feature, Laura Jane’s foremost goal is to promote the prevention of eating disorders through honesty, openness, transparency, comedy and art.

Ms. Jane has been quoted saying, “If I can convince just one of my 6 nieces that healthy beauty is infinitely more rewarding than the alternative, I will have succeeded. To convince larger audiences would be something truly miraculous.”

Perhaps the reason Ms. Jane is so adamant about making this film is because she is in recovery from an eating disorder that she suffered from for over ten years. “It’s not the disorder in itself that gets me. It’s the shame inherent in suffering from anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. It’s the repercussions of denial. I spent many years drinking and doing drugs to forget. I’ve dealt with rape and poverty as a consequence. I don’t want these things for anyone else!”

Over the last several months, Laura Jane has assembled a talented crew to help create the two short films: Clayton Combe, a cinematographer who has worked for Spike Lee, Rik Cordero, Joe Basile, etc; Colin Colfer, gaffer, best boy and videographer, previously a stage lighting professor, who has since worked for Warner Brothers, NBC, etc., and was last seen adding flair to the bizarrely conceptualized Kanye West Yeezus tour; Warren Huart of Swinghouse Studios, who has worked for Aerosmith, the Fray, Joe Strummer, James Blunt, etc., and has offered to create all the music for both films.

Currently, Laura Jane is on detachment with the USS Carl Vinson, so she has been unable to promote her project or to see the results of the later half of her fundraising effort.

When questioned about the timing of her campaign, AE2(AW) Jane offered the following: “Regardless of the success or unsuccess of my Kickstarter, it feels incredible to finally be confident enough in myself and my filmmaking talent to take the leap and try.” She also added, “I can’t wait to get back out to sea, actually. What an existence! There’s definitely no lack of writing material on the boat….”

Laura Jane claims that whether her Kickstarter campaign pays off or not, she’s going to make a feature film one day. Support her dream at

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