Tuesday, January 14, 2014

YourMovieReviews.com on TROUBLE

http://www.yourmoviereviews.com/trouble-short Welcome to St. Sebastian's Quiet Academy for Disreputable Youth. Here you will learn about character...unless you're Isaac. Here's a character study about a young boy (Bennett Kirschner) who is having a hard time dealing with bullies (led by Max Carpenter) and a stern headmaster (Timothy J. Cox) at an academy for juvenile delinquents. Daniel Witkin's script doesn't really have a beginning, middle and an end, so it's difficult to determine what his film is all about, but is engaging for Kirschner's quiet, but strong performance. Carpenter and Cox do well in supporting roles, but I'm a bit at sea as to what the film as a whole is about. Genre: Comedies Rating: 6 Average: 6 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Bennett Kirschner, Max Carpenter, Chelsea Marino and Timothy J. Cox Release Year: 2013 Director: Daniel Witkin

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