Tuesday, January 14, 2014

YourMovieReviews.com on MAN IN PROGRESS

http://www.yourmoviereviews.com/man-progress-short MAN IN PROGRESS (Short) MAN IN PROGRESS is a comedy about getting serious. The story follows a 22 year old college dropout, over 24 hours, as he recovers from the night before, attempts to survive the day in front of him, and thinks as little as possible about the days ahead. Shore Points' Productions' MAN IN PROGRESS is a clunky comedy about a lazy 20 something (writer/director and star, Matt Mahoney) who refuses to grow up and do the simple things in life, like take out the garbage or clean up after himself. That's it, folks. That's the movie! I'm not sure what Mahoney was trying to accomplish here. If he wanted to make a film that featured a leading character of such gross immaturity and narcissism that it turned off the audience 5-10 minutes into viewing the film...then, mission accomplished. On the acting side, it's a shame to see veteran character player Timothy J. Cox's time wasted in a cameo as a barfly who bears a resemblance to Mahoney. Lucky for him, he got in and got out quick. Genre: Comedies Rating: 3 Average: 3 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Matt Mahoney, Linda Elizabeth, Dan Mahoney, David Cantor, Jamie Keohane and Timothy J. Cox Release Year: 2013 Director: Matt Mahoney

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