Monday, January 13, 2014

Your Movie Reviews on THE WATCHERS THE WATCHERS (Short) After several strange encounters a man begins to question his own sanity in search of what he believes is the truth. A fast paced suspense / thriller from Two Man Crew Productions, featuring impressive camera work from cinematographer / director Sy Cody White. His debut HAD the potential to be something truly great, but White's film lost points half way through during a pivotal scene involving the use of very cheap special effects for a car explosion. The effects were so low grade that it almost took me out of the entire film. Almost. Also, while it didn't kill the film, lead actor Jeff Moffitt's performance was too stiff, leaving me uncertain if the stiffness was character or actor related. All is not lost. The film does soar because of it's engaging story and an impressive supporting cast, especially Boddington, creepy, but alluring in her turn as one of the watchers and supporting actor extraordinaire Cox, who scored big as Moffitt's mysterious shrink. Genre: Thriller Rating: 8 Average: 8 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Jeff Moffitt, Timothy J. Cox, Peter Francis Span, Kathleen Boddington, Darrin Biss, Rich Sab Release Year: 2010 Director: Sy Cody White

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