Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WATCH Last Night

The first workshop of WATCH last night was a reminder of why I love this work. Sitting in a cramped rehearsal room with actors, a writer and a director, reading a new play, discussing it, breaking it down...nothing beats it. And this is quite a play that Kate Pressman has written. In just a little over an hour running time, Kate introduced us to 4 intriguing characters, full of depth, humor and heart. The relationships felt and were very real. It's the kind of script actors dream of working on. It makes you hungry for more. We read through the play once, then spent the rest of the time discussing the play, asking Kate questions and planning the remaining two workshops. I'm looking forward to working on individual scenes involving Andrew Ash as Adwin and myself as Adwin's doctor, who, to me, is a decent and kind man, but deep down, feels like a bit of a failure for not being able to help Adwin with his heart related ailment. Adwin and Dr. Elrick have a very interesting that I'm looking forward to exploring further on Saturday when we begin to put scenes on their feet.

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