Thursday, April 17, 2014 Reviews GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL


Review By Felix Vasquez, Jr.

There’s divine intervention and then there’s divine annoyance, and Greg gets a first class lesson in the latter when he meets his guardian Angel. Greg is an average Joe who awakens one morning to find his Guardian Angel intent on helping him through the day. Advising him to wear a red tie instead of a green turns out to have beneficial results for Greg, who meets his boss with a fixation on Red Ties. But what begins as a bout of fortune from above turns in to an utter nuisance.

Dan Kowalski’s comedy short really manages to inspire laughter and giggles as he takes the premise to ridiculous proportions and turns the guardian angel in to a being you’d be better off without. Maybe it’s not always a good idea to rely on some kind of force beyond to make every decision, and soon Greg begins to rely on himself to decide how his fate turns out. Elmer J. Santos is especially hilarious as the irritating guardian angel who seems to have Greg’s best interests at heart, and eventually becomes such a burden that Greg pleads to be left alone.

Director Kowalski’s comedy short has great timing and a slew of sharp performances that help turn this somewhat extraordinary gift in to an absolute curse. Especially when it becomes clear that Greg’s Guardian Angel may not be the sharpest pencil in the box. “Greg’s Guardian Angel” was a laugh riot, and I really like Dan Kowalski’s method for short form storytelling and I definitely look forward to seeing what he can do with a feature length project in the future.


I'll be catching a 3:30PM bus tomorrow afternoon to make my way to Boston. I'll get to hang out with Sean for a bit and then start bright and early on Saturday morning.

I'm thrilled to work with Sean, as always, but I'm looking forward to working once again with DP Chris Loughran (THE TUCK) and my MALLAS, MA colleagues Joel McLeish and Maya Landi.

Rehearsals and Lines for ROUNDING THIRD

Rehearsals for ROUNDING THIRD have been going very well so far. I'm excited that I'll be getting back on a stage, in front of a live audience. Working with Larry and Travis so far has been a delight. We laugh, talk the scenes out and then we work and already, things are shaping nicely. Michael, as a character, is closer to who I really am more than any character I've played, at least recently. You would think that playing a character similar to yourself would be a cake walk? Nope. If you're honest with yourself, the challenges become greater, which is just fine with me.

Lines are coming along very well. I have only the final 5 pages to work on....then the real fun begins.

Monday, April 07, 2014

SUCH A FUNNY LIFE Teaser Trailer

Here is the teaser trailer for writer / director Oliver Mann's feature film SUCH A FUNNY LIFE, starring Gonzalo Trigueros. My peppy voice, as a radio host, is featured throughout the trailer. Thanks, Oliver!

Back On Stage

ROUNDING THIRD will mark the first time I've been on stage since IVANOV ended it's run in October of 2012. I'm thrilled and delighted at the chance to jump back in front of a live audience, with great material and stellar people to work with in both Larry and Travis.


Rehearsals are already going great for ROUNDING THIRD. Working with Larry again, of course is a delight, but it's especially thrilling to work with Travis. Lines are coming along for both of us, which is nice, because the sooner we get those books out of our hands, the sooner we can play and this piece is all about the playing.

I have only 15 more pages to lock down and then I'll be completely off book.

Back with rehearsal tomorrow night.


Director Sean Meehan got back to me regarding the videos I sent him on Friday and he preferred, as I did, take two of my reading of Walter. That take on him was all business, but underneath that side (hopefully) an honesty and vulnerability comes through.


I received the word last night from writer / director Oliver Mann, that the teaser trailer for his film SUCH A FUNNY LIFE, is to be released today.

Hope to share it with you.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Two Takes On Walter

It's always fun to play around with characters, try different readings and approaches. So, I decided to try an exercise today with the character of Walter in TOTAL PERFORMANCE. I filmed the same brief scene twice, but tried to do something a little different with each take. 

In the first take, I went for the sympathetic approach, whereas in the second take, I'm trying to be all business, but you can see that this is very difficult for him. Even though Walter appears only briefly in the film, I hope to give him layers and complexity.

Here's Take One:

Here's Take Two:

I sent these videos to Sean Meehan to get his thoughts.

TOTAL PERFORMANCE - Thoughts on Walter

The character of Walter, who I'm playing in TOTAL PERFORMANCE, appears briefly in the film, but it's an interesting little, supporting part, that can be played several ways.

Sean Meehan sees Walter as a guy who, with his partner and best friend, was able to very successfully run his company because they were two halves of a great executive. Walter was always great about making the right decision, but his partner was great at delivering the harsh news. So, the struggle for him is that he ultimately knows that this is the right thing to do, but he’s realizing that he hasn’t had the be the one to break this sort of news to anyone in a long time. A good guy who has the right idea, but isn’t very forthcoming about it. He cares. That’s why, after his session with Cori is done, he’s so interested in if he’s “doing a good job.”

I agree with Sean completely on this. It gives me higher stakes for Walter.

Looking forward to the 19th. 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lines, Lines, Lines

Lines for ROUNDING THIRD are already coming along. I'm pretty solid on Act One and have started on Act Two.

Rehearsal tomorrow night.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cast In Comedy/Drama ROUNDING THIRD...To Go Up At The Millbrook Playhouse

I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to the Millbrook Playhouse in Mill Hall, PA to appear in Richard Dresser's fun comedy/drama ROUNDING THIRD, directed by my good friend Lawrence Lesher

The play is about Don and Michael, who are two well-meaning dads eager to coach their sons' Little League team to victory - as soon as they can agree on exactly what that means. Veteran coach Don wants to win at all costs; newcomer Michael just wants the kids to have fun. Stuck together for an entire season, they struggle to resolve their differences and get their team to the championship. It's a scary look at raising kids in a world where winning is everything.

I'm excited to jump into this piece, as this play has it all, plus I'll have the pleasure of sharing the stage with the superb Travis Stroessenreuther. Travis will be playing Don and I'll be playing Michael. 

This show will be a blast! Check it out if you can.

For details on the production, please visit:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Informal Reading Today of Play WINE AND SPIRITS

Thanks to Mike Funk for tapping me to appear in an informal reading on Thomas Ott's comedy/drama WINE AND SPIRITS.

It was a pleasure!


Great news about TOTAL PERFORMANCE, the shooting days have been set and I'm set to work one day on the film, which will be April 19th.

The shoot will likely take place in Boston, which works just fine for me, as I love working and traveling to Boston.

Here is the cast and crew list for TOTAL PERFORMANCE:

Cori: Tory Berner
Tim: Steven Conroy
Annie: Caitlin Berger
Rafi: Anthony Rainville
Bruce: Paul Locke
Susan: Lauren B. Nelson
Walter: Timothy J. Cox
Auditioner: TBD
Lauren: TBD
Waiter: TBD

Director: Sean Meehan
Producers: Alessandra Brown, Korey McIsaac, Sean Meehan, Anthony Russo
Cinematographer: Chris Loughran
Assistant Director: Anthony Russo
Production Manager: Alessandra Brown
Gaffer: Joe McLeish

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I received word a few days back that my scenes for the film TOTAL PERFORMANCE will be shot on either April 19th or 20th.

More to report soon.

Friday, March 14, 2014

48 Hour Film Challenge with 8MM Films

This morning, I received an email from Ross Mahler of 8MM about working together again on another 48 Hour Film Project, which I jumped at, as I had a blast working on DARK ROMANCE last year with Ross and his talented son Matthew.

The competition is in May, so when we get our genre, we'll be able to make our film.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I haven't heard from the director of the film REDEMPTION since February 24th, so it doesn't look like it's to be with that project.

Monday, March 03, 2014


The 6 part web series MOVING UP THE MOUNTAIN, which I worked on this past July, comes out on April 1st with new episodes every 2 weeks. 

The series revolves around 14 year old, Sienna and how her life changes after a youtube video of her singing goes viral. I will be appearing in one episode as Sienna's agent.

Please find below the link to the music video that is the "back story" to the whole show. We are hoping to build in audience before the show premieres, so if you can, please check it out.

Saturday's Reading

Saturday's reading of OF PRIVILEGE AND PROPERTY was laid back, relaxed and fun.

It was nice to read Tony's words again. Tony really has something here. He tells the story of the 1741 slave revolt in NYC, but tells it as a farce/satire, which is fantastic.

I really hope he takes this show to the next level.

Friday, February 28, 2014


Tomorrow's reading will take place at the Ripley Grier studios in Manhattan at 1PM. It'll be nice to say Tony's words again.

My Contract With American Talent Management Ends In March

My contract with American Talent Management comes to an end in early March.

I have nothing else to add on this matter.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blast From The Past - From 2001 - THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD

This is a newspaper photo featuring Caren Hefner Pauling, Brian Boland and I in a scene from the Players Club of Swarthmore, PA revival of J.M. Synge's Irish comedy / drama THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD.

Blast from the Past - From 1996 - CALIFORNIA SUITE

This is photo from Marietta College's THE MARCOLIAN, who was doing a story on the production of Neil Simon's CALIFORNIA SUITE. This is the playlet ''Visitors from Chicago''.

Pictured from left to right: Ben Allen, Erin Barber and yours truly.

Video Audition Submitted for CHILD'S PLAY

Yesterday, I submitted a video audition for the film Child's Play, the story of a college dance choreographer who interacts with her inner child muse for inspiration for her choreography. When the stress of success sets in she will either buckle under the pressure or gain confidence in her own creative process.

I read for the role of Frederick, a dance critic who causes stress for the choreographer. 

The film is to be directed by Stephanie Matthews and if cast, the project will shoot in Boston.  


Here's a photo from the set of A HUNGRY MODEL.

I'm pictured with actress Rebecca Balmer, who played my wife Wanda and actress Madeline Lupi, who played my daughter Nikki. Both were a delight to work with.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The second day on the HUNGRY MODEL set was great...very organized and fun. Laura Jane assembled one heck of a crew, really on their game. It was exciting to watch all of them work.

I had a fun time playing Barry, another in a long line of slightly eccentric, but hopefully likable Dads.

Thanks to Laura again for the chance to be a part of the project.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Very Easy Day On Set Of A HUNGRY MODEL

What an easy day!

We shot our scene at Roulette, located on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, a very nice looking theatre. Wouldn't mind doing a play there some day.

Today was mostly ''reaction'' shots for me, actress Rebecca Balmer, who plays Wanda my wife and Maddie, who plays my daughter Nikki. Both Rebecca and Maddie are very sweet and fun to work with.

Back again tomorrow. This time, we'll be at the Bond Street Studios, also in Brooklyn.


REDEMPTION was a film that I submitted a video audition for about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I heard from director Brianna Abdullah that I have been cast in the role of Clint, another Dad. I forwarded my conflicts for the month of March, so we'll see if everything works out and I'll be able to participate in the film.

Off To Brooklyn For Day One Of A HUNGRY MODEL

I'm heading off to Brooklyn in a bit for the first day of shooting on A HUNGRY MODEL. According to Laura Jane, this first day should be a short one. Should be fun. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cast In Dad Role in A HUNGRY MODEL

My meeting with writer / director Laura Jane today went very well. After a few minutes of chatting, she officially offered me the role of Barry, a father fascinated with the model, who is the focus of the film A HUNGRY MODEL.

I'll be going right to work tomorrow and Tuesday, with tomorrow's work taking place in Brooklyn. It should be a short day, but a fun one.

Thanks to Laura for the chance to be a part of the project.

Today's Reading

Today's reading of THE DWARVES OF MOUNT SOLIDARITY was relaxed and easygoing. It's a difficult script to describe though. It's definitely in the fantasy genre and one that the writers have fully committed to. They have ways to go to get their script camera ready, but they're committed and hope to make that a reality in October of 2014.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Skype Audition for THE TALK

I just finished my Skype audition for THE TALK a few minutes ago. Writer / director Sean Quinn was very nice, had a clear vision for the film and seemed to like what I brought to the role of Mark, the Dad.

We'll see what happens.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Skype Audition Tomorrow To Discuss A Dad Role In THE TALK

Tomorrow morning at 11, I'll be on Skype to audition for the role of a young Dad, who does everything he can to avoid talking to his young, inquisitive daughter about sex.

The film is called THE TALK and tomorrow I'll be reading for
Kevin New (Producer) and Sean Quinn (Writer/Director).

If cast, the film will be shooting in Richboro, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ.

Video Audition Submitted for QUID PRO QUO Last Night

Originally, I had a Skype audition for the film QUID PRO QUO planned for Sunday afternoon, but earlier this week, the casting director decided that they were accepting video auditions, so I submitted one last night.

Again, QUID PRO QUO is about a man who gets away with the ultimate crime who is faced with his past when he gets a second chance at life. I read for this man, named Harry.

The film is being produced by RedTere Productions.

For information on the company, please visit:

If cast, the project will be shooting in Brockton, MA.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great Story About Laura Jane Writer / Director of A HUNGRY MODEL

Here is a great story about filmmaker Laura Jane and her adventures in bringing A HUNGRY MODEL to life.

Ten days left to help a US Navy sailor fulfill her dream

Commanding Officer Humphrey Lee congratulates AE2(AW) Jane on her selection as Junior Sailor of the Year.

Colorado born Laura Jane, US Navy sailor by day, is finally putting her BFA in Film and TV Production to use. In hopes of staying afloat as a civilian when she gets out of the military in 2015, Ms. Jane is bringing her screenplay A HUNGRY MODEL to life.

Utilizing Kickstarter, a web site used predominantly by creative people to solicit seed money for various projects, she hopes to raise enough money to shoot two short excerpts from her script. She believes that by marketing these short teasers alongside her screenplay, she will be able to find a major production company willing to fund the feature length film.

 Since launching the campaign on January 1, 28 backers have pledged around $6,000. But, with 10 days to go, the project will only be funded if Laura Jane can reach her goal of $13,000 by January 30.
A HUNGRY MODEL, awarded Best Screenplay in the 2006 Women’s Fusion Film Festival, is an adaptation of Franz Kafka’s A HUNGER ARTIST. It is a stylistic dark comedy, which critiques common conceptions of beauty. While her plan is to create a wildly entertaining feature, Laura Jane’s foremost goal is to promote the prevention of eating disorders through honesty, openness, transparency, comedy and art.

Ms. Jane has been quoted saying, “If I can convince just one of my 6 nieces that healthy beauty is infinitely more rewarding than the alternative, I will have succeeded. To convince larger audiences would be something truly miraculous.”

Perhaps the reason Ms. Jane is so adamant about making this film is because she is in recovery from an eating disorder that she suffered from for over ten years. “It’s not the disorder in itself that gets me. It’s the shame inherent in suffering from anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. It’s the repercussions of denial. I spent many years drinking and doing drugs to forget. I’ve dealt with rape and poverty as a consequence. I don’t want these things for anyone else!”

Over the last several months, Laura Jane has assembled a talented crew to help create the two short films: Clayton Combe, a cinematographer who has worked for Spike Lee, Rik Cordero, Joe Basile, etc; Colin Colfer, gaffer, best boy and videographer, previously a stage lighting professor, who has since worked for Warner Brothers, NBC, etc., and was last seen adding flair to the bizarrely conceptualized Kanye West Yeezus tour; Warren Huart of Swinghouse Studios, who has worked for Aerosmith, the Fray, Joe Strummer, James Blunt, etc., and has offered to create all the music for both films.

Currently, Laura Jane is on detachment with the USS Carl Vinson, so she has been unable to promote her project or to see the results of the later half of her fundraising effort.

When questioned about the timing of her campaign, AE2(AW) Jane offered the following: “Regardless of the success or unsuccess of my Kickstarter, it feels incredible to finally be confident enough in myself and my filmmaking talent to take the leap and try.” She also added, “I can’t wait to get back out to sea, actually. What an existence! There’s definitely no lack of writing material on the boat….”

Laura Jane claims that whether her Kickstarter campaign pays off or not, she’s going to make a feature film one day. Support her dream at

Cast In A Reading Of Tony Pennino's Play OF PRIVILEGE AND PROPERTY....Reading Set for March 1st

Back in September of 2006, I had a honor of participating in a reading of playwright / director Tony Pennino's play OF PRIVILEGE AND PROPERTY, which dealt with the New York Slave Insurrection, a slave revolt in the British colony of New York in 1741.

Tony's play follows exactly what happened at that time.

Economic tensions were exacerbated by accusations that a series of fires that occurred were due to arson. Immediately after a slave was seen running from the scene, the slaves were accused of the crime. Of course, many people had already believed that the slaves were responsible for the fires, because of the economic tension that existed between them and the slaves; a tension exacerbated by the system of racism in place in the US by which whites are taught to feel universally superior to blacks. The slaves of New York were accused of being part of a conspiracy that they had planned, which was to burn down the city and kill all the white citizens and make themselves the rulers. There were trials that followed the fires. At the end of the trials, many slaves were dead or exiled. The accusations of the fires were a result of the tension that existed between the economic needs of the colony of New York and the whites' resentment for losing their jobs to the slaves.

This is what I said on this blog in 2006 about this play:

Tony has managed to take this story, rife with dramatic and horrifying events, with the real life characters from that time and the tradition of the great Paddy Chayefsky's NETWORK (one of the great films of all time, which pokes fun at the television industry) poke fun at the social mores of the time, mainly the subjects of class and race...but, more importantly, to show that we as a country haven't gotten any better regarding the differences between class and race as we continue into the 21st Century. As someone who has been fortunate enough to be involved with a number of Tony's works, it gave me great joy to sit among the cast last evening and read this exquisite work, which I hope is given life. It deserves it!

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in another reading of this play, on the afternoon of March 1st, at a studio in Manhattan.

It'll be nice to say Tony's words again.


The reading of the screenplay THE DWARVES OF MOUNT SOLIDARITY, hosted by Plastic Tree Productions, is still set for Sunday morning, starting at 11am.

The script should be sent out today.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All Things Random

In the last day or so, I've pitched a few ideas that I've had to Greg Vorob of All Things Random. One film idea and a web series idea, focusing on actors, writers, directors and other artists in the entertainment field.

Ideas are brewing. Maing them a reality is the hard...and fun part.


After reading the FIELD OF SCHEMES script, I felt that screen writer Gregg Kelso's style and humor were right up Sean Meehan's alley, so of course, I recommended that Greg watch samples of Sean's work and he did. He mentioned that he especially enjoyed THE TUCK.

When Sean and I connected yesterday, he stated that he's read half of the script so far.

As always, this is me looking for any excuse to work with Sean.

My Summer...

Nothing is set in stone yet, but my summer may involve me returning to the stage, which would thrill me greatly as I haven't done a play since IVANOV closed in early 2012.

More to report on this soon.

Audition Tomorrow For Comedy Film Project

Tomorrow's audition will be for a comedy that takes place in the apartment of a short-tempered neurotic who wants to be a famous serial killer. He has invited over an old classmate with the intention of making her his first victim. He would likely have failed at this even before her lover decided to come along as well.

I'll be heading to the Greenwich Village area to audition tomorrow afternoon.

Meeting Director To Discuss Film Project A HUNGRY MODEL

On Sunday afternoon, I will be meeting with director Laura Jane of Janewood Productions to discuss a Dad role in her new film A HUNGRY MODEL.

I'll be meeting Laura to discuss the role of Barry, an eccentric tourist accompanying his wife and daughter on a visit to the circus. There, he'll witness a strange woman in a big cage who he recalls being WAY MORE attractive in the past.

If all goes well, I'll be working on this project on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Video Audition Submitted for FIELD OF SCHEMES

While on the Junto Film Box site recently, I connected with screen writer Gregg Delso about his script FIELD OF SCHEMES, about a washed-up minor league baseball player who teams up with a disgruntled DNA research scientist in a desperate attempt to turn the has-been into one of the greatest players ever to play the game.

Moments ago, I submitted a video audition for the role of that DNA scientist, Hugo, to Gregg. Gregg's written a fun that would be a blast to work on.

For information on Gregg and on the film, please visit:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My FaceBook Page

I've had this page up on Facebook for a few years, but I guess it's taken me a while to share the link on here. To me, it's just another way of getting your face and name out there into the world.!/timothyjcoxactor

Richard Dreyfuss On Acting

This was nice to see, as I've never really heard Richard Dreyfuss speak about acting.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Video Audition Submitted For Film REDEMPTION

I love technology!

I just submitted a video audition to director Brianna Abdullah, for her film REDEMPTION, who is a part of the Reel Works Film Program. 

REDEMPTION is about Clint, who is given a second chance at having a better relationship with his teenage son, Adam after meeting a young boy, Brian. Clint is led to discover a way of communicating better with Adam when he spends time and learns a thing or two from Brian.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Audition on Saturday for T.I.M.

T.I.M. is a 50s-era coming-of-age story about a 13 year-old boy who learns to overcome self-doubt through an interaction with a runaway robotic man finding refuge in his bedroom. This is a children's film with a fantastical tone. As the boy connects with the robotic man as a fellow human being, regardless of his exterior, he learns to recognize his inner spirit as opposed to physical limitations.

I will be reading for the role of the robotic man.

Table Reading Of "The Dwarves of Mount Solidarity" on February 23rd

On the 23rd, I will be participating in a table read of this very unique and interesting project.

Here are the details:

A collapse imprisons three dwarven miners who must now work collectively to combat starvation, despair, and a mysterious creature. Further complications arise when one of the dwarves learns of their joint, morbid fate and must decide whether to tell the truth, or keep it a secret and preserve hope.

I will be reading for the role of:
Odryd: Married early with five kids, Odryd is a 'family dwarf' by default. Although he floats from job to job (with mining being his latest) he is not as rough or as seasoned as one may think. He's impressionable and naive, although he's also probably the most charming due to his natural optimism. Empathetic, nice, and cautious, Odryd never necessarily does anything poorly, but he doesn't do anything particularly well either. He is the middle man linking Brenn and Calcas together, so much so that he eventually feels as though he is the odd man out. Which is a feeling he isn't accustomed too nor can handle.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Yesterday's shoot in Philly was very smooth and easygoing. Director Mike Falconi and his crew were great. I also had a blast working with lead actor Ephraim Davis, who plays P.I. Sam Sellars in the film.

Principal photography for the film is set to continue over the next couple of weeks. It will be early summer time when the film is edited and really for viewing.

Thanks to Mike and the entire team for the chance to be a part of the film.

Saturday, February 08, 2014


Today, I had fun helping out Sean Meehan with the TOTAL PERFORMANCE Auditions. I had a chance to Korey McIssac, one of the producers of the film. Very smart guy...definitely knows his stuff.

The great news is that I will be playing a supporting role in the film, which I'm very excited about, as I know that this is going to be a great project.

Stay turned for more on this.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Possible Reading In Late March

Mike Funk is an actor I worked with on the reading BREAK NIGHT CLUB a few years back. A very cool guy and a solid actor, Mike contacted me this morning about a possible reading of a two act play and asked me if I'd like to participate. No date has been set yet, but I told Mike I was interested.

Stay tuned.


Tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to Ripley Grier Studios to help Sean Meehan with the TOTAL PERFORMANCE casting, which is scheduled from 11AM - 2PM. It should be fun, as I may see some familiar faces at the auditions. I'm happy to help Sean any way I can.

Looking forward to it.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Skype Audition for ‘Quid Pro Quo’ on February 23rd

On February 23rd, I have a Skype Audition for a role in the film ‘Quid Pro Quo’, produced by RedTere Productions. if cast shooting will take place in Brockton, MA. 


Synopsis for the film: A man who gets away with the ultimate crime is faced with his past when he gets a second chance at life.

If you’d like to see some of the other productions RedTere has produced please visit our website at

Sonic Cinema Reviews TROUBLE

Trouble (Short) (2013): B+

Isaac (Bennett Kirschner) is a student at the St. Sebastian’s Quiet Academy for Disreputable Youth, where the main focus of study is the idea of character. The problem for Isaac is, he doesn’t have any. He goes through the motions in class; is scolded by the headmaster; and has a penchant for getting into fights, especially with the fellow student he does scenes about character with in class. Isaac has no use for the school, and doesn’t want to stay there. Unfortunately for him, the more he acts out, the more they try and keep him there so he can learn about character. Talk about a Catch-22.

The thing I need to point out in reviewing this short from writer-director Danny Witkin is how the picture for the film was jittery throughout; I looked at a few other reviews of the film to see if anyone else pointed it out, and they hadn’t, so it was a matter of a technical glitch with the presentation online, I’m guessing. This is Witkin’s thesis film from his time at Wesleyan University, so that may want to be looked in to, but it doesn’t distract too much from the focused, wryly amusing narrative unfolding in the film’s 12 minutes. Witkin’s story seemed, to me, to be about a rebellious spirit acting out when the system appears to shut him down; to society as a whole, that might seem like a lack of character (and admittedly, Isaac doesn’t always show character in his choices), but when we feel like the system is trying to hold us down, and break our spirit, rebellion is the highest form of character. That doesn’t mean Isaac doesn’t have a lot to learn still (although watching it a second time, maybe Isaac has more character than he’s given credit for), but if I were at St. Sebastian’s Quiet Academy for Disreputable Youth, I’d probably be finding a way to escape, as well.

THAT TERRIBLE JAZZ Shoot on Sunday In Philly

I'll be grabbing the 6:15AM train out of Penn Station to 30th Street Station in Philly on Sunday morning to meet up with writer / director Michael Falconi and begin work on my scenes as Nicky in THAT TERRIBLE JAZZ. I have my main scene in a bar, plus a few voice over spots. No heavy lifting. I'm looking forward to it as Mike has written a great film noir script.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sean Meehan's Next Project TOTAL PERFORMANCE

Here is the casting info about Sean Meehan's latest film project, which I hope to play a supporting role in.

Production: Total Performance
Employer: Cross River Pictures
Location: NYC
Duration: 5 Days, starts March 2014
Director: Sean Meehan.

TOTAL PERFORMANCE is an upcoming short film from Sean Meehan, produced by Korey McIsaac and Alessandra Brown. Cori has an interesting job. If you're having reservations about a tricky conversation, she might be able to help.

Please note: Although we are doing casting in New York, there is a high probability that some or all of the filming will take place in Boston, MA. Travel and accommodations will be provided on top of your day rate.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, February 8th from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10018-4177.

Please respond to this posting with your headshot, resumé, and your preferred time to audition. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

Apply to: Nzinga Williams.

4 breakdowns, apply by form:

1. Female / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Cori: A semi-struggling actor, but she’s clever, self-confident and loves that she can control pretty much any situation. She’s crafted her look and her demeanor in a way that highlights all of her best qualities, but strategically hides her insecurities. LEAD

2. Male / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Tim: A relaxed guy who is quick-witted and attentive. The type of person who always seems genuinely interested in what you have to say, but also slightly aware of this air about him. This also means that it’s usually easy for him to get away with things. LEAD

3. Female / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Annie: She’s got her life more or less the way she wants it, and she intends to keep it that way. She’s great at letting things roll off her back so long as it keeps the status quo, and she has a good sense of humor about about it.

4. Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Rafi: A young, eager actor. He’s got an always-on quality about him.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I had the pleasure of watching Phillip Seymour Hoffman work, while working as background on the film DOUBT a few years back. I was sitting in a set of a church and he was delivering a few homilies as Father Flynn. He'd flub a line or two, start again. He'd crack a joke between takes. When he was on and he was firing on all cylinders, everyone was mesmerized. There was a joy in the work, something that every actor should strive for. He looked like he was having the time of his life. It was great to watch. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a true giant of the acting profession, whose work will live on forever. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mark Brown

It's not often that I have a famous playwright make a comment on this blog. It was nice to wake up this morning to find a comment from playwright Mark Brown, in reference tomorrow's TOM JONES audition. "Mark Brown has authored many amusing adaptations of literary works" -- Can you tell that news to his mother. Break lots of bones on Wed. Thank you, Mr. Brown. I hope to do just that.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Final WATCH Work Shop Today

Today will he the final work shop of Kate Pressman's play WATCH. We'll revisit a few more scenes from the play and then we'll complete the process with another reading of the full play. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

THE 39 STEPS Audition

My audition the other day was was nice to jump back into that world. Whether I get it or not, I enjoyed myself.

Audition for Mark Brown's Adaptation of TOM JONES Next Wednesday

Just snagged an audition for this. This could be a lot of fun as Mark Brown has authored many amusing adaptations of literary works, designed for small casts to play several roles. It would be like THE 39 STEPS. Here are the details: TOM JONES Theatre V/T: Florida Studio Theatre 2013-14 Winter Mainstage Season Sarasota FL AEA LORT D Artistic Director: Richard Hopkins Director: Mark Shanahan Casting Director: James Ashford Auditions: January 29th & 30th, 2014 Begins rehearsal – March 14, 2014 Show opens – April 11, 2014 Show closes – May 31, 2014 TOM JONES by Mark Brown. Tom Jones, a charming young man of questionable birth, is madly in love with Sophia Western, who is equally in love with Tom. But when Sophia’s father arranges for her to marry a loathsome man, she flees for her life. When Tom is subsequently banished from his home, he goes in search of Sophia. Aristocrats, wenches and scalawags abound in this bawdy and rollicking romp through the back roads and bedchambers of England. An adaptation of the ground-breaking novel The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Henry Fielding. My audition is next Wednesday in Manhattan.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

THE 39 STEPS Audition This Morning

My audition for THE 39 STEPS is this morning at Champion Studios in Manhattan. Whatever happens, I know the audition will be fun.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

WATCH - Srcond Workshop

The srcond ofworkshop for the play WATCH took place last night. I worked on 3 scenes with actor Andrew Ash. We'd discuss the scene, read the scene, discuss some more and then it one more time. Both director Megan Kosmoski and playwright Kate Pressman were great, providing insight and suggestions. All vety fun. The final workshop will take place on January 25th.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Audition for THE 39 STEPS

Oh, to jump back into this! I just snagged an audition for the show, which is going up at the Cape Fear Regional Theatre in Fayetteville, NC. I'll be reading for the clowns. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about the possibility of being in this play again. Exhausted in the good way, of course. My audition is January 21st at Champion Studios in Manhattan.


I heard from director Kyle Schickner today regarding MOVING MOUNTAINS, which I worked on back in July. Kyle mentioned that the project is almost finished and that it should be available for viewing in the next month or so.

WATCH Last Night

The first workshop of WATCH last night was a reminder of why I love this work. Sitting in a cramped rehearsal room with actors, a writer and a director, reading a new play, discussing it, breaking it down...nothing beats it. And this is quite a play that Kate Pressman has written. In just a little over an hour running time, Kate introduced us to 4 intriguing characters, full of depth, humor and heart. The relationships felt and were very real. It's the kind of script actors dream of working on. It makes you hungry for more. We read through the play once, then spent the rest of the time discussing the play, asking Kate questions and planning the remaining two workshops. I'm looking forward to working on individual scenes involving Andrew Ash as Adwin and myself as Adwin's doctor, who, to me, is a decent and kind man, but deep down, feels like a bit of a failure for not being able to help Adwin with his heart related ailment. Adwin and Dr. Elrick have a very interesting that I'm looking forward to exploring further on Saturday when we begin to put scenes on their feet.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This past weekend, I submitted a video audition for writer / director Michael Falconi's film noir drama THAT TERRIBLE JAZZ. It's about full time drunk and part time private investigator Sam Sellers, who's investigating the disapperance of sax player Wynn Dumont. I read for the role of Nicky, the owner/bartender of the club Dumont works at and friend of Sam. I have just learned that Michael would like to cast me as Nicky and I accepted. Mike's script is sharp, full of the style of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, which I have been reading quite a lot of over this past year. The film is going to be shot in Philadelphia in the second week in February. Looking forward to it.

WATCH Workshop Tonight

Tonight is the start of the three day workshop of Kate Pressman's new play WATCH, moderated/directed by Megan Kosmoski. I'm thrilled, as I will be re-uniting with my MIDSUMMER 2010 colleague Andrew Ash, who will be reading the role of Adwin. Ashley DeMain and Jehan O. Young will also be participating in the workshop. This process is mostly for Kate's benefit, so she can hear the play, work scenes. It should be a lot of fun. on MAN IN PROGRESS MAN IN PROGRESS (Short) MAN IN PROGRESS is a comedy about getting serious. The story follows a 22 year old college dropout, over 24 hours, as he recovers from the night before, attempts to survive the day in front of him, and thinks as little as possible about the days ahead. Shore Points' Productions' MAN IN PROGRESS is a clunky comedy about a lazy 20 something (writer/director and star, Matt Mahoney) who refuses to grow up and do the simple things in life, like take out the garbage or clean up after himself. That's it, folks. That's the movie! I'm not sure what Mahoney was trying to accomplish here. If he wanted to make a film that featured a leading character of such gross immaturity and narcissism that it turned off the audience 5-10 minutes into viewing the film...then, mission accomplished. On the acting side, it's a shame to see veteran character player Timothy J. Cox's time wasted in a cameo as a barfly who bears a resemblance to Mahoney. Lucky for him, he got in and got out quick. Genre: Comedies Rating: 3 Average: 3 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Matt Mahoney, Linda Elizabeth, Dan Mahoney, David Cantor, Jamie Keohane and Timothy J. Cox Release Year: 2013 Director: Matt Mahoney on CHOOSING SIDES CHOOSING SIDES (Short) A dinner conversation goes sour when the topic turns to religion. Will 12-year-old Mikey choose to be Catholic like his father or Jewish like his mother? Lee Loechler's 5 minute comedy short CHOOSING SIDES is one the funniest shorts I've seen in a long while, thanks largely to Yael Green's hilarious script and the outstanding leading performances of Timothy J. Cox and Rachel Lynn Jackson as a set of parents who hurl religious related insults to one another in the hopes of enticing their 12 year old son Mikey (Max Abe Plush) to choose their religion. The results are hysterical and the entire team behind the film are to be commended for some truly great work. Rating: 10 Average: 10 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY on MALLAS, MA Two bumbling con artists try to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators. For a short film that was made in 48 hours (for the 48 Hour Film Project in Boston), MALLAS, MA is one heck of an achievement. The perfectly matched Timothy J. Cox and Maria Natapov star as a pair on con artists who come to the fictional town of Mallas, MA, in the guise of paranormal investigators, only to discover that real ghosts may be among them. These two however, are not quite with it to notice. Even though the film's ending is a little rushed, director Sean Meehan has still managed to craft a fun and original comedy that also featured some noteworthy camera work from Rick Macomber. If Meehan can re-work the rushed ending and extend the story, MALLAS, MA could make a nice short feature. Genre: Comedies Rating: 8 Average: 8 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Timothy J. Cox, Maria Natapov, Eddie Nason, Robyn Kaan, Andrea Sweeney with Uatchet Juch and Nekhebet Kum Juch Release Year: 2013 Director: Sean Meehan on GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL (Short) An unremarkable man's life is forever changed by his guardian angel. Angels prove to be hilarious in the sharp and very funny comedy short GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL, from All Things Random and Phalanx Film & Video Productions, which stars a very likable Greg Vorob as an everyman who one day is visited by his guardian angel (a perfect Elmer J. Santos). Mr. Santos' angel however is no Mr. Jordan, so instead of helping Greg, he manages to make Greg's life a living hell. Everyone involved in the project seems to be having a blast with Dan Conrad's fun and spirited script, but it's Santos' angel who walks away with the film. Genre: Comedies Rating: 9 Average: 9 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Greg Vorob, Elmer J. Santos, Caitlin Winter, Timothy J. Cox and Jack Moran Release Year: 2013 Director: Dan Kowalski on TROUBLE Welcome to St. Sebastian's Quiet Academy for Disreputable Youth. Here you will learn about character...unless you're Isaac. Here's a character study about a young boy (Bennett Kirschner) who is having a hard time dealing with bullies (led by Max Carpenter) and a stern headmaster (Timothy J. Cox) at an academy for juvenile delinquents. Daniel Witkin's script doesn't really have a beginning, middle and an end, so it's difficult to determine what his film is all about, but is engaging for Kirschner's quiet, but strong performance. Carpenter and Cox do well in supporting roles, but I'm a bit at sea as to what the film as a whole is about. Genre: Comedies Rating: 6 Average: 6 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Bennett Kirschner, Max Carpenter, Chelsea Marino and Timothy J. Cox Release Year: 2013 Director: Daniel Witkin on WE JUST WANT TO PLAY WE JUST WANT TO PLAY (Short) The Ruckland University Men's Rugby team is comprised of an "Animal House" quality group of hooligans. Their recent success on the field has been overshadowed by the school's Athletic Director who plans on using the team's funds for his own endeavors. It is up to the boys to band together as a team to stop him from dissolving their program and ruining their chance at winning a league championship.From hardships, sprouts heroes. This lovable group of underdogs must look beyond the fun and games they have had in college and realize that they have found something much more than a rugby team, they found a family.. Team 3 Productions' WE JUST WANT TO PLAY, about a ribald rugby team who is brought down by an evil athletic director, is clearly an homage to college comedies like ANIMAL HOUSE, PCU and OLD SCHOOL. The film is decently made by a very enthusiastic team, but pretty empty on the screenplay front. All is not lost. The cast is a spirited bunch, led by Timothy J. Cox, clearly relishing his role as the evil athletic director, aptly named Dickerman. Genre: Comedies Rating: 5 Average: 5 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Lars Lee, Alexandra Barkley, Trevor Williams and Timothy J. Cox Release Year: 2013 Director: James Cappadoro on LINDA LETHORN AND THE MUSIC BOX Inside of a dysfunctional love triangle, Linda LeThorn is brought to her breaking point by a possessed music box she inherits from her Aunt Lucinda. A truly one of a kind, independent short, crafted by a new, exciting and original voice in independent film in writer / director Meg Skaff. Led by an unusual, but utterly fascinating leading performance by Aundrea Fares, Skaff's film explores the title characters' heartbreaking descent into madness when she acquires a music box from her deceased aunt. I hesitate to use the word quirky, but that it is, but quirky has never been more entertaining. Genre: Comedies Rating: 10 Average: 10 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Aundrea Fares and Ashley Peoples Release Year: 2012 Director: Meg Skaff

Monday, January 13, 2014

Your Movie Reviews on TRANSIENCE TRANSIENCE (Short) TRANSIENCE tells the story of Tom and George, a couple who have been together for many years, but have reached a crossroads in their relationship. George is moving ahead with a successful professional life, while Tom is still trying to enjoy life, as if he were in his 20's, staying out late, partying hard. Will the party ever end for Tom? Will he commit to George fully? Tan See Yun's silent drama follows a gay couple, one, a businessman (Timothy J. Cox) and the other, a young party boy (Joshua Michael Payne), at a crossroads in their relationship. It's clear that there's tension and Cox provides Payne with a ultimatum in the form of a legal document, although it is never made clear specifically what the document is. While the film looks nice and both Cox and Payne give subtle performances, I found the lack of an explanation of the document to be very confusing and therefore taking me out of the film. Genre: Dramas Rating: 7 Average: 7 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Timothy J. Cox and Joshua Michael Payne Release Year: 2013 Director: Tan See Yun

Your Movie Reviews on THE WATCHERS THE WATCHERS (Short) After several strange encounters a man begins to question his own sanity in search of what he believes is the truth. A fast paced suspense / thriller from Two Man Crew Productions, featuring impressive camera work from cinematographer / director Sy Cody White. His debut HAD the potential to be something truly great, but White's film lost points half way through during a pivotal scene involving the use of very cheap special effects for a car explosion. The effects were so low grade that it almost took me out of the entire film. Almost. Also, while it didn't kill the film, lead actor Jeff Moffitt's performance was too stiff, leaving me uncertain if the stiffness was character or actor related. All is not lost. The film does soar because of it's engaging story and an impressive supporting cast, especially Boddington, creepy, but alluring in her turn as one of the watchers and supporting actor extraordinaire Cox, who scored big as Moffitt's mysterious shrink. Genre: Thriller Rating: 8 Average: 8 (1 vote) Reviewers name: Michael James Lowry Reviewer is from: Bronx, NY Starring: Jeff Moffitt, Timothy J. Cox, Peter Francis Span, Kathleen Boddington, Darrin Biss, Rich Sab Release Year: 2010 Director: Sy Cody White

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today's Shoot

Today's shoot went extremely was organized, smooth and fast.

We shot three brief scenes, all taking place at  AA meetings, where  I played the group leader.

Thanks to the entire cast and crew for a very easygoing, laid back day on set.

Play Workshop - WATCH By Kate Pressman

On Tuesday night, I will begin a three day work shop of the new play WATCH, by Brooklyn based playwright, Kate Pressman.

Here is a synopsis of the play:

Adwin has a clockwork heart. Adwin's heart is breaking. Naz fixes clocks, and Adwin watches Naz, only ten feet away in her tiny apartment, which is the mirror image of his across the light well, five stories off the ground. And she is as alone as he is. But outcasts don't become outcasts because they love easily and being made for each other and being near each other and being desperate for each other might not be enough to bridge those ten f

I will be reading the role of Adwin's doctor, a pediatrician.

The work shop begins on Tuesday.

Friday, January 10, 2014


The shoot has been moved to Sunday morning, with a 10AM call.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Play Workshop

This morning, I heard from director Megan Kosmoski, a friend of Michael
Mele (who gave her my info). Megan is workshopping a new play by Kate Pressman in January! It is still VERY
early on in the process but Kate needs some time  in a room with actors and asked if I  would be interested in playing around
in a rehearsal room a few times this month.

It sounded like fun, so I jumped on it.

I'll be working on the 13th, 18th and 25th.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I have been cast in the supporting role of John, the moderator of an AA group that Tony Napoli attends in MY FATHER, MY DON.

The filmmakers are jumping right into shooting, so I'll be going to work on Saturday, at a location in Forest Hills, NY, in Queens.

Sunday, January 05, 2014


Yesterday's audition was brief, but, according to the director, I made an impression.

We'll see what happens.

Two Video Auditions

I just performed and presented two video auditions, one for the film WISHFUL THINKING and the other, a series titled FRONT OF HOUSE.

Dark comedy about a mid-level newspaper editor, Jon. His whole world changes as everything he imagines slowly comes true. However he is unaware that he is the cause of the string of peculiar events until the very end.

Synopsis for FRONT OF HOUSE:
Three service industry workers figuring out how to navigate their New York City lives while dealing with the ups and downs of their restaurant job and its ever changing collection of less than upscale customers.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Audition Tomorrow Afternoon for MY FATHER, MY DON

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be reading for a small role in the episodic drama MY FATHER, MY DON.

Here is a synopsis:

My Father, My Don - A Sons Journey from Organized Crime to Sobriety - The film production of My Father, My Don  A Son’s Journey from Organized Crime to Sobriety is based on the book and true story of Tony ‘Tony Nap’ Napoli, who is the son of one of the most powerful and respected organized crime leaders of the modern era. Tony’s father was Genovese Family Capo, James ‘Jimmy Nap’ Napoli, a mob kingpin who ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years.  Told from Tony Napoli’s autobiography is a bold recounting of the confidential world that he and his father inhabited. In the film Tony’s life as a boxer, army soldier, enforcer, casino boss, fugitive, hustler and offspring to one of the most powerful mobsters of the century is depicted.  This story is not only about the dealings of the Napoli Empire, but also the cherished relationship Tony had with his father, his don, along with his rollercoaster account of family legend and organized crime, followed by his turnaround focus on sobriety and civic contribution. 

I will be reading for the role of an Alcoholics Anonymous counselor. 

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Screen Shots From SKY'S THE LIMIT



So once again I’ve received an email from one Mr. Timothy Cox, a frequent subject on this here review site, asking me to review a few more movies he’s been in. And once again, I don’t mind at all because I’ve pretty much loved just about everything he’s done that I’ve had the opportunity to watch. I’m not going to link to all of the reviews individually here, because damn that’s a lot now (he might need his own category soon if this keeps up), but I will link to a search of his films. According to the IMDb, as of today, 12/29/2013, Tim has acted in 88 things… and I’m sure there’s at least a handful that haven’t made their way onto IMDb yet. What I just can’t for the life of me understand is this: why is he always a supporting actor? It’s so rare that I’ve seen him in a “main” role, and he’s so damn good, I mean overshadowing-the-leads-good good, so why does he keep getting regulated to the background? Tim, next time I make a movie, if I have the budget to fly you out to Texas, you’re in a major part. We’ll call these seven (!) reviews so far your audition.
Description (from the IMDb):
A television series about four of the most horrible people you’ll ever meet who share an apartment and terrorize their neighbors.
Major Cast:
Greg Vorob as Greg, Dan Conrad as Dan, Marc Seidenstein as Marc, Paul White as Paul,Ian Campbell Dunn as Steven Hansen, Jennifer Zigler as Claire Hansen, Timothy J. Coxas Allen Smith / The Doctor
Special Features:
None (Online Screener)
For Sale Version Includes: None
Written by Dan Conrad and Greg Vorob
Directed by Dan Kowlaski

According to the description on YouTube, OVERCROWDED is “The greatest TV pilot ever made to not be picked up by a network.” While I’m sure I could probably find one or two other pieces of TV that were left to the wayside that might be a bit grander than OC, this was pretty damn funny. OC follows four crazy roommates that anyone would curse living anywhere near. They are really more caricatures than characters, and OC is really more of a parody of zany, wacky sitcoms than an actual sitcom, as the situations, plots, and just overall show is just way too over-the-top to be taken seriously as something that any network would expect to put on the air (except may Comedy Central, or Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]).
The roommates, in all their weird, chest-haired glory.
The roommates, in all their weird, chest-haired glory.
Watching OC I really am left to wonder if this was ever a serious attempt at a television pilot, or just a short film that wanted to lampoon the sitcom style. As I said before, it really is way too over-the-top to ever be taken seriously by anyone other than the fringe of television (and in ’09 when this was made I don’t think there were that many options for craziness like this), and it just seems to me to be more a fun short film that found a genre to play in. If it was a serious attempt at a pilot, the production quality may have doomed it as much as anything else; the video quality is very low (even for 2009), the audio is not horrible but it is certainly not crisp or clean, and the production design is very pedestrian overall. What OC looks like, to me, is a public-access attempt at a sitcom, a show made with no money trying to follow the style of network shows. Because it looks public access, does that mean OC is bad? In production quality, yes it is lacking for sure (I mean: that apartment is DISGUSTING and if I were an actor being asked to roll on the floor I would ask for shots first). In comedic talent, no; OC is pretty damned funny throughout.
A lei does not make one a zen master.  That takes a bonsai.
A lei does not make one a zen master. That takes a bonsai.
All of your main characters are super-quirky in their own right (Dan is a wanna-be writer who fancies fun costumes, Greg likes to step into people’s identities, Marc thinks of himself a Zen teacher and bonsai master, and Paul has a bad habit of murdering people), and they live in a quirky world with sitcom stylings throughout. It’s the apartment complex in the big city, the new neighbors move in, hilarity ensues. Each of the four major characters gets their own story arc, which is nice, and each is a little weirder than the last. The acting in OC is somewhat hit or miss… Greg reminds me Jason Segel in both his physical appearance and his comedic delivery, and that’s not a bad thing. Dan’s timing is a bit flatter; he’s funny, but his character and his lines are just so odd that it takes really perfect set up to deliver them with the right dryness to make it work perfectly and he gets that some of the time. Marc’s character is just way over the top, and that’s easy to pull off, just being bigger than life and he does so in fine fashion. Paul I found to be the least adept of the majors; his character just seemed forced a lot of the time, but he did have one of the more odd bits to work with. As far as the support, most of it fell a bit flatter than the main actors, with the exception of course of Cox. Again, as both the doctor and especially the boss, he steals the show and displays some of the best chops in the production and makes me question why he only shows up for a minute at a time.
Is that Cox and Jason Segel?  No...
Is that Cox and Jason Segel? No…
Overall, OC has its ups and downs. As the 40 minutes drags on (and by about the halfway point, it does start to drag a bit), the stories start to get weirder and weirder. If they were truly going for a pilot, I think this would have been much more successful as two separate episodes instead of trying to cram everyone’s “intro” story into one hour long (with the commercials that space is left for) program. There are some seriously funny bits (I love the recurring joke of the random borrowing guy), and some just overly weird bits, and as a whole I don’t think there is any way that this could be a serious pilot. However, looking at it as a short film, OC is too long, and could use some editing to make it run smoother and take out some fluff. This has the makings of something good, it just didn’t quite get there.

Overall 5.5 / 10
Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra
Description (from the IMDb):
Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra is a mockumentary following the life of Jack, the son of two of the greatest pornstars to ever grace the XXX screen. The only problem is that Jack is really an extra who goes to great lengths to hide the truth from his parents. This short explores Jack’s family, social life, and a regular day on the job as a ‘pornstar extra’.
Major Cast:
Nolan Silverstein as Jack Jimminy, Alicia McDaniels as Trish, Timothy J. Cox as Richard Jimminy, Ethel Fisher as Moonflower
Special Features:
None (Online Screener)
Written by Louis Silverstein and Nolan Silverstein
Directed by Louis Silverstein

This is a hilarious idea for a mockumentary. Good for you, Silverstein brothers, for thinking this up. Jack Jimminy, child of pornstars Richard Jimminy and Moonflower, is being pushed into “the business” by his parents, who are very proud of their long and storied careers. Jack, not so much. So, to not disappoint his loving, doting parents, Jack is in the business, just not in the way they think: he’s a background player, an extra. He creates fake “import” DVDs and posters and awards of his movies that he’s “been in,” while really paying the bills by being the guy that actually acts in the porn you’re watching.
"Just to throw off my parents, a couple of bronzed and mounted dildos I said were awards.”
“Just to throw off my parents, a couple of bronzed and mounted dildos I said were awards.”
Like any good mockumentary, JACK JIMMINY: THE STORY OF A PORNSTAR EXTRA works best when it is the driest, when there is a question about if it is a joke or not. The dialogue written for the movie is superb, and has some incredibly funny bits, and Nolan especially does a great job of delivering them in a way that says that he lives in a world that he’s not totally comfortable inhabiting. One of my favorites, when he’s talking aboutRon Jeremy: “A lot of people have had sex with my mom, but this fucker has to tell me about it ever time.” The disdain and calmness Jack delivers that sentiment with is what sells JJ:TSoaPE as possible truth, and that’s what counts when you are making a mockumentary that works. This works. Another great line: “They try not to change the girls names, so they don’t get confused.” Playing on stereotypes also helps sell this genre (are pornstars stupid? Research this: how many female pornstars run their own companies and have made their own fortunes?), and make it feel genuine.
It's hard to give an interview with "the work" going on
It’s hard to give an interview with “the work” going on
The main acting is solid in JJ:TSoaPE. Nolan carries the film on his shoulder as the actor thrown into the world of porn… well, born into the world of porn. Again, Cox is amazing in this one, and this is one of my favorite characters I’ve seen him play. As the elder Jimminy, Cox plays with such aplomb and grace for a man known for his big dick. He is hilarious, and I love how much his character loves to be a pornstar, and how proud he is of his pornstar family. It’s actually almost touching, in a sort of sticky and greasy kinda way. My one qualm with Dick Jimminy: just shaving Cox’ head doesn’t make him look as old as Fisher; some old-age makeup would have done wonders for this character. Most of the supporting characters are relatives strong as well, while some of the extras or very minor characters (like the people in the sex addicts anonymous group) go a bit over the top, over all the acting is sound throughout.
The production side of JJ:TSoaPE is varied. The video is crisp and clean and looks HD, but it is brought down a bit by lighting that is at times not so great. Now, since this is a mockumentary, this can be forgiven because shadows happen in life, and if this were a real documentary there wouldn’t really be lighting setups except for the interview scenes (but even the lighting there is a bit harsh at times). The sound is ok but not great, but it’s never bad enough to detract from the film, so I don’t discount JJ:TSoaPE too much for that. The production design of the sets (especially the cheesy sci-fi porn set) was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed that aspect. My biggest downfall on the design of the film, as I mentioned before, was the lack of makeup for Cox; it was just really obvious that he is at least 30 years younger than his “wife.”
We need more than a shaving here for realism, Dick.
We need more than a shaving here for realism, Dick.
Overall, I greatly enjoyed JJ:TSoaPE. Mockumentaries are a simple genre that can be done very well on little to no budget, and just aren’t attempted nearly often enough, and when they are done right they are really fun and really funny, and JJ:TSoaPE succeeds. It’s not 100% on all the time, but overall it is more pros than cons, and it was a fun 20 minutes or so. Unlike OC, which I felt ran too long and lost my interest part of the way through, when JJ:TSoaPE I felt a bit cheated as I really wanted it to keep going. Here’s hoping there will be a sequel, or who knows, a feature length version?

Overall 8 / 10
JJ:TSoaPE on the IMDb:
JJ:TSoaPE is not for sale, but you can watch it online here:
JJ:TSoaPE site:
Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra (2010)
Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra (2010)
“just to throw off my parents, a couple of bronzed and mounted dildos I said were awards.”