Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cinema Crazed Reviews TROUBLE

Trouble (2013)


Daniel Witkins short dramedy about a boarding school and a group of unruly young boys is a film that definitely has potential for a feature length treatment, should Witkins ever decide to re-work the premise. While it works well within the confines of its short length, it could also be an entertaining coming of age indie for audiences that can appreciate this type of entertainment.

Star Bennett Kirschner is very good as young Isaac, a young man with a crime ridden past who discovers that his boarding school is filled with other students that want to make his life miserable. Every day he plots to escape his imprisonment in the school, and when he’s inside the walls he has to endure the torment from his enemy Greg and his gang.

Kirschner really manages to pull off turning Isaac in to the misfit you can empathize with, as he befriends a young attractive school nurse, and then begins devising the ultimate plan to ensure his release. Witkins’ dramedy is often times very funny and not afraid to be silly, with fun moments of improv, while he takes the limited scenery and uses it very much to his advantage. “Trouble” is a unique and entertaining short, and I’d love to see what Daniel Witkins can do with a full length film.

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