Friday, November 29, 2013

Video Auditions Submitted for THEIR PRESENCE

Earlier this week, I was introduced to a new film site called Junto Film Box, a collaborative film studio that unites social development with traditional film production including financing and distribution. The site is very interesting and I've already connected with CA filmmaker John Russell to discuss roles in his film THEIR PRESENCE.

Here is a synopsis for THEIR PRESENCE: 

Neon, the protagonist of this unique take on gang violence in late 1960's Los Angeles is Kingpin. His tumultuous journey of drugs, robbery, and murder has his mother, Dorothy coming to grips with the scope of her plight. She must submit to court appearances and daily contacts from Detective Brian Henderson of the LAPD regarding her son.

The fervidly fueled actions she takes are only for the sake of her misfortune with her children’s father figures. While Neon is out for money and territory, Dorothy is on a mission driven by pure love to adduce a better way of life for her children, even if it costs her own.

I submitted video auditions for two roles in the film, a police officer and a district attorney. Both nice supporting roles. John seemed very impressed. 

For information on THEIR PRESENCE, please visit:

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