Friday, September 06, 2013

Skype Audition On Sunday for KAIROS

On Sunday afternoon, I have a Skype Audition for KAIROS, a love story that plays on the edge of science fiction. It’s a film about two people who were once in love, but slowly drifted apart. KAIROS has brought them back together but with one problem, the space shuttle KAIROS will shortly be taking one of them to Saturn. This film plays with the ideas of space, time, and love through real science. As an award winning team of filmmakers, I Said Cut Productions focuses on transforming concepts to reality. I Said Cut is a production team made of visionaries that thrive on producing cutting edge content. KAIROS is next in line to join our list of award winning films.
I'll be reading for 2 roles, a nightly news anchor, a lot like a Walter Cronkite and astronaut Commander James Bradley. 
The nightly news anchor has been on TV for 15 years and was a radio new announcer for 10 years before that. He has been the anchor of America's most watch news program for 7 years. He has delivered the news clearly, accurately, and free of emotion. America trusts him because he comes across as the stern father who cares for his children. The launch of the shuttle KAIROS is another historical moment in his broadcast career.
Commander James Bradley (Jim) sits on the hill behind the home of the woman he loves. He waits for the woman he still loves even after all the years they've been apart. He followed his dream of becoming an astronaut, but in the end it brought him back to her. He knows they can be together, because he knows something she doesn't. Something she will have to see to believe.

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