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Movie Quotes and More Reviews WE JUST WANT TO PLAY

We Just Want To Play (2013) Movie Review

by Parissa Janaraghi 

Limited Comic Parody

We Just Want to Play is a frat house comedy written by Frank De Rosa and directed by James Cappadoro. The story centers around The Ruckland University Men's Rugby team which is made up of a bunch of loutish stoners whose team is about to be disbanded by the school's Athletic Director Dickerman (Timothy J. Cox) so that he can use the teams funds to put towards the golf team his son Tim (Andrew Gill) captains. So the Ruck U Rugby team captain Glen (Lars Lee) takes it upon himself to find a way to save his team. Glen tries to band together his sex-crazed roommate Ray (Trevor Williams) and the rest of the team to come up with a plan and in the midst of this entire mess Glen's girlfriend, Whitney (Alexandra Bartley), breaks up with him as this whole Rugby debacle is distracting her form her studies.

In order to save their team, the group comes up with the plan to raise money by competing in the University's academic and athletic decathlon event so that they can use the prize money to get them to the title game. Of course what follows is humiliating failure after which the team faces the University advisory board that will make the final vote on whether the rugby team will remain as part of the University.

It's clear to see that this short film makes all the right efforts to construct a narrative that is similar to National Lampoon's Animal House, but sadly it misses the mark as the story is low on laughs and authenticity and you don't feel any emotional connection with the characters, and even the little comedic twist at the end doesn't save the film. However, on a plus point the cast comes across as enthusiastic, doing the best they can with the limited script, and the film's production looks professional showing obvious signs that the behind the scenes talents are high.

Overall, this is a limited comic parody with great production value whose talents should hopefully be put to better use in future films.


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