Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Re-Visiting TOBY

So, it's been 8 years since Phillip Bettencourt and I took to the stage as the Two Tobys in the wonderful, critically acclaimed comedy TOBY, written by my old 13th Street Rep friend and colleague Tony Pennino. I have many fond memories of that production, working with Phillip, Tony, director Don Jordan and Michael Criscuolo, who served as assistant director for the production. It was the only time (to date) that I have worked in the NYFringe Festival. While we didn't have many performances (6 or 7, as I recall), it was still a very enjoyable experience. 

I've been thinking about the show I'd play things differently, the typical actor stuff and a few weeks back, I decided to contact Tony to see if he'd be interested in setting up an informal reading of the play...just to read it again. It something comes of it, great. If not, no worries. My reasons for wanting to re-visit the play are, to jump back into the role of bombastic Toby Donally, two, it'll be great to see Tony again, as we haven't collaborated on anything together in years and three, to get Larry Lesher interested in the project.

An informal reading is tentatively set for September 8th, at a rehearsal space in Manhattan. I'll be reading the two hander with actor Ben Sumrall.

Should be fun.

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