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Movie Quotes and More Reviews OVER COFFEE

Over Coffee (2010) Movie Review

by Parissa Janaraghi 

Quirky Farcical Comedy

Over Coffee is short romantic comedy directed by Sean Meehan, the story is entered on shy office worker Andrew (Erik Potempa) who has a crush on Carla (Jocelyn DeBoer) whose attentions are focused on her bullying boss Hamilton Rice (Timothy J. Cox). When Rice is making his way to the office he calls Carla and barks out his orders which sets Carla into a bundle of nerves as she tries to organize everything, but in the process she forgets to get Rice's everyday coffee order. So Andrew uses this opportunity to step in and save the day and impress Carla by volunteering to get Rice's coffee. What follows is then Andrew's farcical attempt in trying to buy the coffee as the task becomes more than he bargained for. The most comical scenes happen in the coffee shop when through no fault of his own, Andrew's attempt at buying the coffee backfires and we follow his quest in trying to rectify the situation until he finally, in the nick of time, manages to get the coffee, go back to the office and hand it to the tyrannical boss from hell, Rice, played with great gusto by Cox.

The script is very simple, quirky and easy to follow and moves along swiftly with likeable characters and good performances from the two lovers and the bullying boss who in the end gets his comeuppance in the most comical way and we find out the real reason he's such a mean boss.

While the overall production is not perfect, Meehan has managed to successfully present a well-crafted fun and energetic short that's a winning combination for all audiences.


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