Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie Quotes And More Reviews GUNDERSON'S

Gunderson's (2011) Movie Review

by Parissa Janaraghi 

Witty Short Sketch

Gunderson's is a short comedy film written by Max Azulay, director Matt Porter, Phil Primason and Mallory Westfall, which tells the story of Max (Max Azulay) who at the beginning of the film is told by his doctor (Dan Azulay) that he has contracted an usual sexually transmitted disease called Gunderson's which only has one side effect; a nervous twitch brought on by stress or hunger. Unfortunately this news has come at the worst time for Max as he's about to start teaching as a substitute health teacher to high school kids.

What then follows is a humorous scene showing Max discussing his new found dilemma with his friends and their advice on how he should handle the situation. When we finally see Max facing his class of students, the awkwardness of teaching a new class and the subject matter is wonderfully played out as we feel the tumble-weed and cringe worthy moments. His first day isn't going so well and doesn't get any better when he welcomed by the loud, and seemingly friendly but smarmy Principal Cox (Timothy J. Cox), but of course this quickly changes when Cox finds out Max's secret which sets into motion an amusing finale as Max teaches his last class at the school passing on his wisdom about life and sex.

The script is witty and intelligent but it does take a little while to get going and although it's never laugh out loud funny this film serves very well a short comedy sketch with great performances from Max Azulay and Timothy J. Cox.


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