Friday, August 02, 2013

Cast In Film Produced By the American Museum of Natural History

Yesterday, I was cast in a film that is being produced for the American Museum of Natural History, to be directed by Luke Groskin, a filmmaker and parent to one of the kids that Jamie used to be a nanny. 
The film is 6-7 minute short film about how animals become incredibly poisonous - to be be played in the museum's new exhibit "The Power of Poison" opening in November. According to Luke, the video will be seen by roughly 50k - 100k people. 

The structure of the film centers around a murder mystery : What killed a camper in the Pacific Northwest woods. An police investigator at first thinks a snake might have done it (he sees one at the site.). After a little research, he realizes something else is to blame. He searches the campsite and finds a dead newt in the coffee pot. He looks up the newt - turns out its the most poisonous creature in North America...perhaps the world! How did the newt become so poisonous? It's in an evolutionary arms race with garter snake we saw earlier! 
I have been cast as the investigator. 

The shoot will be for a few hours in Westchester County at a camp ground, to be scheduled around the end of August. Just waiting on confirmation of the shooting day from Luke.

Very excited to be a part of this. Should be a lot of fun.

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