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Amos Lassen Reviews MALLAS, MA

“MALLAS, MA”— A Superstitious New England Town


“Mallas, MA”
A Superstitious New England Town
Amos Lassen

Many of the residents of the small town of Mallas, Massachusetts seem to think that there are paranormal visitors in town. So that they can know for sure, they hire a medium and a couple of paranormal investigators (who are really con artists) to determine if the town is haunted.

Brian (Timothy J. Cox) and Maria (Maria Natapov), the two con artists start by knocking on the door of one of the residents and then go into the basement which is supposedly where there have been several ghostly activities. They do not do much more than wall around, crack jokes and try to think of a plan as to how to deal with the situation. Suddenly Maria sees a pretty young girl sitting in the corner who is ready to answer questions by nodding her head and not speaking. Brian comes up with the idea to take pictures of the girl in the basement and the girl is ready to do so. The idea is for the girl pose in certain places yet she seems to know exactly where before being told—she seems to be able to read his mind and she is even willing to appear on a television talk show where the cons will present their findings.


It is actually taking me longer to write this review than it does to see the film which is only eight minutes long. While supposedly dealing with the paranormal, the film is filled with irony and humor and there is quite a surprise at the end.

Sean Meehan directed this short which actually feels like a full length film and this is probably because the director knew exactly what he wanted us to see and what he wanted his film to be. It is so interesting how he was able to bring eeriness and comedy together in so short a film.

We are left to question whether the con artists were just that or is what happened beyond explanation?

The film was made as part of the 2013 Boston 48 Hour Film Project and it is really hard to believe that the film was conceived, filmed and finished in just 48 hours. Meehan was told that his film must be a buddy film, he had to have a character named Brian or Bonnie Higgins, he had to have a net as a prop and he was given a line of dialogue that had to be in the film. While the film is not perfect, it is as close to it considering the limitations it had on it.


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