Thursday, August 01, 2013

2 NYU Film Shoots On Sunday

This Sunday is going to be a full day for me, as I will be appearing in 2 NYU shorts, as part of the NYU Tisch Filmmakers Workshop.

As previously mentioned, I will be appearing in several roles 

in the film SHOES, directed by Andrew Gannon.

I will be playing a Dad role, Father Bo, in THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, 

directed by Cole Jaeger,comedy about Dimpton, an older teen who acts 
like a child, who narrates the story of his birthday and the events leading up 
to his big wish. Dimpton struggles to hold onto his childhood throughout various 
birthday activities during the day. I play Father Bo, Dimpton's father, who has been supportive of his immature son for years, but now he feels that it may be time for Dimpton to grow up. Father Bo loves his son. He is mostly calm but with a slight 
temper and a demanding presence. He wants Dimpton to be independent but hopes 
that he chooses to mature. He is protective over Dimpton 
and has a casual business vibe.

Both projects sound like fun. 

Looking forward to both projects. 

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