Monday, July 22, 2013

Movie Quotes and More Review of MALLAS, MA

Mallas, MA (2013) Movie Review

by Parissa Janaraghi

Imaginative and Humorous

Mallas, MA is an inventive short film directed by Sean Meehan with a production value that makes it hard to believe that it was made in 48 hours. Starring Timothy J. Cox as Brian and Maria Natapov as Maria, the story is a humorous and engaging eight-minute short about a superstitious New England small town that hire two paranormal investigators, who in reality are con artists, to determine if the town really is haunted. The film opens impressively, especially with the aerial shot above the town, and introduces us immediately to the two likeable con artists, Brian and Maria. It draws us in as we follow the two crooks to a resident's house they are pretending to investigate after which they happen to come upon a mysterious young mute girl sitting in the corner of a dirty basement. The crooked pair then decide to use the girl and take pictures of her 'pretending' to be a ghost, they are so focused on their con that they don't see that the girl being able impossibly move and pose wherever they want her. The film then gives us a fun twist ending which was handled pleasingly.

Even though the ending is easily guessable, it doesn't detract from this short being an entertaining and comical film to watch. The two leads are strong and make their con artist characters likeable. The story was well thought out and executed with a good choice of location which is well shown off in the good use of cinematography, and the score was especially good as it set the tone of the film.

Overall, this is a fun imaginative engaging short that although has a predictable storyline does work as a comedy with a very professional looking production. I especially liked the little funny credit scene which was a nice little touch and ended it on a laugh.


Check out the film for yourself:

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