Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Auditions / Projects Coming Up For NYU Summer Film Workshop

Today, I heard from 3 young directors who are participating in the NYU Summer Film Workshop. This is how I worked met and worked with director Daniel Lachman on THE LITTLE MAGICIAN a few years back. Usually, these projects are short, half day film shoots that give actors a chance to work with young filmmakers about to start their freshman year at NYU. 

I had such a fun time working on the project a few years back that I submitted to a few projects today and snagged a role (or several) in SHOES, for Drew Gannon and Scott Schuler, which is a comedy about Dave; a doorman in an interdimensional void, all he wants is some new shoes. I will be playing several, different comedic roles. The shoot is on Sunday morning, so that will be fun. 

While speaking with Drew, he also informed me about another project, also shooting on Sunday. Still waiting on the details on that project.

Tomorrow, I'll be meeting with director Sophie Peters-Wilson, to discuss her project THE DIVORCE, about a young girl who sorts through her families memories after finding out about her parents divorce, ultimately realizing that the divorce is for the better. I will be reading for the role of a father. 

All of these could be a lot of fun. 

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