Friday, July 26, 2013

Always Watch Good Movies On MALLAS, MA

Here's a mini review, available for viewing on Facebook, of MALLAS, MA, from the film blog Always Watch Good Movies. You can view it here:

MALLAS, MA (USA, 2013) //short-film//
Sean Meehan

Sean Meehan's fifth short film is an 8-minute funny ride into the world of ghosts, where a couple of paranormal investigators will try to find some unusual activity in a supposed haunted basement.
The film creates an interesting mood, combining perfectly the camera work, sharp photography by Rick Macomber, and penetrating original score handled by Cesar Suarez. Another positive aspect was the performances by Timothy J.Cox and Maria Natapov. 

Disarming in its simplicity, “Mallas, MA” was an agreeable surprise that shows the talent of those involved in it. The film was part of the Boston's 48 Hour Film Project, ending up with the audience award in its respective group.

You can find more about the film and the 48 Hour Film Project by clicking the links below:

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