Saturday, June 01, 2013

Film Shoot A Success Today!

Two successful 48 hour film festival shooting projects in a row...both a blast.

Today's project, tentatively titled DARK ROMANCE, was penned by Ross Mahler and his uber-talented, 15 year old son, Matthew, who also directed the film. This kid was on the ball and a real delight to work with. It was a family run set addition to Ross and Matthew, Paula (wife and mother) also helped as well as Morgan (youngest daughter and sister) also chipped in. After arriving in Ronkonkoma, we quickly set up and jumped right in at around 11:30AM and worked quickly, zipping through scenes and set ups in one or two takes. We had lunch after a few hours, then resumed and finished at around 6:30pm.

I had the pleasure of working with two excellent actors in Tiffany Tavarez and Cameron Rankin, who brought talent and humor to the set.

DARK ROMANCE tells the story of advertising executive Tim Cooper (me) who is hardworking, driven and successful, but is also extremely kind hearted and well liked, especially by his loyal secretary Tiffany (Tiffany). Also in the film is Tim's colleague Cam (Cameron) who is the polar opposite of Tim: crude, rude, with little respect for anyone.

Tim begins to receive cards and gifts from a secret admirer, with a special focus to specific lines and speeches from Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET, lines that deal with the darker sides of romance. A tad off putting, but Tim doesn't think much of it, but as the gifts continue to pour in, the lines Tim receives become more and more darker, even disturbing, until Tim receives a gift that shocks him to his very core. Needless to say, things don't end too well for Tim.

I had a blast working on this project today. Between this and MALLAS, MA...I feel spoiled, as both experiences, working with so many talented people (in Boston and NYC)...have made me love this 48 process so much.

Thanks to Ross, Matthew, Paula, Morgan, Tiffany, Cameron and everyone else who made a creative contribution to DARK ROMANCE.

Matthew is currently editing the film, which is due at 7PM tomorrow night. Sadly, I will miss the screening, which is this coming Friday, but I hope to share this film, as well as MALLAS, MA, very soon.

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