Thursday, May 16, 2013

Todd Mahoney on MALLAS, MA

I had to share this lovely email from our "Captain", the fantastic Todd Mahoney...abd his thoughts on MALLAS, MA.

"Mallas, MA" is a testament to what can be done with No or Low budget film making!! Don't get me wrong, there was a HUGE investment in gear that the film crew brought from their personnel collections and we're talking multiple car/SUV loads by some as well as paid work they gave up. The actor's, actress's, guardians, composer, pilot, photographers, writers & make up artist all gave of their personal time and loss of wages for 48 hours. Not to mention the Catering & Craft Services cost to nourish everyone. Hollywood take note their is a better way, better films, original films & I just lived it with twenty five others, now my close friends!!! New Forms of Distribution are here NOW, I've seen it up close!!!

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