Friday, May 10, 2013

I Walked Into My Apartment, After the Shoot, At 7:15AM

Whew! What a night! I worked on A GOOD MARRIAGE from 5PM to 7AM.

Originally, I was slated to work 3 total days on the project, but I was wrapped yesterday, so I get to relax today, which, given how I and anyone who worked yesterday are off their normal sleeping schedules, a day a relaxation sounds perfect to me.

Yesterday was an enjoyable experience, although the role I played was nothing more than a featured background performer, yet I had a name...Brian Ellsworth. A little strange.

I hadn't done BG work in a while and last night, a few reminders crept into my memory as to why, chief among that is that BG work has nothing to do with acting. You're a piece of movable furniture, although in this case, aspects of it were pretty nice. I got to improv a scene and talk with Anthony LaPaglia, who again, was tops in my book. I also received direction from Peter Askin, who was also very kind to me. At the end of the shoot, I had the pleasure of shaking Joan Allen's hand. I, of course, stepped in, kissed her hand and said, ''I adore you'', which I do.

The flip side of that coin is how BG people are dismissed by people, mainly production assistants. I often don't blame then, as they are mostly overworked folks who get little sleep and no reward for their contributions.

The positives always outweigh the negatives and even though the day was long, I had a good time. I hadn't done BG work in 4 years, I think. I think the final scene of RESCUE ME was the last time I did BG work.

The money might be nice, but I'm an actor and I want to work, so I'll take my experience in Boston, on the MALLAS, MA set, over BG work any day of the week.

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