Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Cast As A Blue Collar Type in A GOOD MARRIAGE

I will be working on the film A GOOD MARRIAGE on Thursday, Friday and next Monday. I'll be playing a blue collar guy named Brian and all I know is that my scenes will be with award winning actor Anthony LaPaglia, a great actor whose work in movies, theatre and television I have always enjoyed and admired. 

A GOOD MARRIAGE is the feature adaptation of Stephen King’s A Good Marriage.

Mr. LaPaglia will play Bob Anderson in the film, based on the 2010 novella by the best-selling author, about a wife who discovers her soft-spoken husband is a serial killer.

Oscar nominee Joan Allen plays his wife Darcy. Wow!

Mr. King adapted the screenplay from his own original work.

Peter Askin is directing the feature and producing with his Reno Productions partner Will Battersby.

This could be interesting. 

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