Thursday, February 28, 2013

2nd Meeting With Herb Rothman of American Talent Management Today

This afternoon, I have my second meeting with manager Herb Rothman of American Talent Management.

Today, I will present my re-vamped resume, as well as my completed application for my renewed passport, which I sent in on February 15th.

I will also perform 2 contrasting monologues for Herb.

We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just heard from director Sam Taffel, regarding the film AN AMERICAN FAMILY and he has tapped me to play the role of Bill Loud, the patriarch of the Loud family.

Set in early '70's, the film follows the lives of the Loud's, the 'quintessential' American family learning to adapt to the changing social climate of the United States during Nixon and Vietnam.

Still waiting on the details of the project, but I'm excited to work with Sam, who I got a great vibe from during our Skype audition a week or so ago.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WE JUST WANT TO PLAY Shoot This Weekend

Looking forward to the shoot in CT this weekend. I worked on lines yesterday and they're coming along nicely.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I had my Skype audition for SHAMELESS REALITY a few minutes ago and I thought it went pretty well. I read two sides, both very them both a couple of times. Casting for the project will be announced by this time next week.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Another Video Audition Submission

Last night, I submitted a video audition for a supporting role in the film CLOUDED, shooting in the Philadelphia area in mid-March.

CLOUDED is a drama that centers on the hardships that come along with a kidnapping. An eight-year-old, Rae, has found comfort in the company of her Barbie dolls in the aftermath of a traumatizing event that leaves her with restless nightmares. Rae must learn to trust again but will it be that easy?

I read for the role of Dave, fiance to the Anne, Rae's kidnapper, who is a genuinely caring guy but is oblivious to who Anne is and oblivious to the truth of what she has done.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Invited to Participate In Panel Discussion on Acting On March 22nd

Playwright and actor Nick Leshi is moderating a free panel discussion on Acting for Center Stage at Bronx House, located on Pelham Parkway, on the evening of Friday, March 22 and he has invited me to participate.

Just a casual evening of actors talking about the craft.

Sounds like fun.

Offered the Lead in THE SOULSTONE…Had To Turn Down Due To Schedule

Director Bryan Murawski offered me the lead role in his film THE SOULSTONE, but regrettably, I had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Video & Skype Auditions This Weekend

Yesterdays' Skype audition for AN AMERICAN FAMILY went pretty well, I thought. I read for 2 roles, several times, trying something different with each reading. I got a pretty good vibe from the director, so we'll see about that.

I just submitted a video audition for a supporting role in THE SOULSTONE. The role was a guy with a salesman-like personality, so I tried to convey that kind of a personality as much as possible.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Video Audition Request : THE SOULSTONE

I have another request for a video audition. This time it's for the mystery / suspense film THE SOULSTONE, about a mysterious amulet that has the ability to trap the soul/consciousness of the wearer and replace him/her with a soul/consciousness that was previously trapped.

I have until this coming Thursday to submit a video audition.

SHAMELESS REALITY Skype Audition On the 24th

I have an upcoming Skype audition for a supporting role in SHAMLESS REALITY, with JAK’D Media in Fitchburg, MA. According to the casting notice, it is a collaborative project developed by six filmmaking friends in an attempt to show real life problems the way they're meant to be shown. Gritty, dirty, unapologetic, dark and truthful. This is an anthology of short stories, with different characters dealing with deep problems unique to their own lives; often unaware of the problems of those around them.

Skype Audition This Afternoon for AN AMERICAN FAMILY

Today, I have a Skype audition for with director Sam Taffel, for a supporting role in his adaptation of an episode of the reality television series, AN AMERICAN FAMILY.

Set in early '70's, this docu-drama follows the lives of the Loud's, the 'quintessential' American family learning to adapt to the changing social climate of the United States during Nixon and Vietnam.

Video Audition Submitted for PAINTED RED

A few nights ago, I submitted a video audition for the role of a Professor in Director David Ruby's film PAINTED RED. When a grieving father discovers he erased his daughter's existence from everyone's memory, including his wife's, he struggles to find out what tore his family apart, and whether or not attempting to restore what he lost is worth the consequences. The sides that I read were pretty cool...unique and original.

If cast, the project will be shooting in Baltimore, MD.

ServiceRunner Commercial Shoot Yesterday

Yesterdays' shoot was very well organized and a lot of fun. It was a real pleasure to work with director Travis Libin, Robb Pearson of, as well as actors Tim Schumacher and Rachel Lynn Jackson.

Robb will keep us all posted on the status of the commercial, which will likely be posted on the ServiceRunner website upon completion.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Talent Management Meeting Yesterday

My meeting with Herb Rothman went very well. Herb is a guy who tells it how it is, very straight forward, which I appreciated. Herb gave me a lot of advice how  the business, things that I hadn’t thought about for years, if ever. We went over my resume and suggested that I omit a few things from it. He also suggested that I renew my passport, which I intend to do immediately.

He invited me to callback, which will take place on the 28th. At that time, I will present two monologues and we’ll go from there.

Feeling very good about this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

American Talent Management Meeting Today

Today is the day for my meeting with Herb Rothman of American Talent Management.


Devon Leaver's adaptation of the classic TWILIGHT ZONE episode A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE has been completed and is now available for viewing on Vimeo. Check it out here:

I think Devon did an outstanding job and I'd like to thank her for the chance to be a part of this project. It was a real pleasure.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In Talks for A Supporting Role in THE COOL KIDS SHOW

I’ve traded an email or two with director Vinnie Laraway, about his project THE COOL KIDS SHOW, shooting during the month of April in South Orange.

According to the casting notice, Local high school seniors are lining up for a chance at friendship with Valley High’s most popular names. If our contestants can wow the judges, they’ll be invited to the most anticipated and exclusive party of the year… Party-Palooza. THE COOL KIDS SHOW is a satirical and humorous take on a popularity show in the vein of AMERICAN IDOL.

I am in discussions to play the role of a creepy teacher.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Audition On February 24th for IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST OF US

On February 24th, I will be reading for a supporting role in the film IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST OF US, which, according to the casting director, is a poetic exploration into what it means to be young and in love. Two lovers, Franky and Rachel, begin their day with a blood pact and proceed to travel through the streets of suburbia hooting and hollering, embracing and wondering. The couple arrives at Rachel's home where they attempt to make love; however, her father shows up after a day's work, finding the teenagers. Livid, the father tries to come to terms with the couple but before he can they have something very different planned for him.

Upcoming Auditions

I have an upcoming video audition for a supporting role in SHAMLESS REALITY, with JAK’D Media in Fitchburg, MA. According to the casting notice, it is a collaborative project developed by six filmmaking friends in an attempt to show real life problems the way they're meant to be shown. Gritty, dirty, unapologetic, dark and truthful. This is an anthology of short stories, with different characters dealing with deep problems unique to their own lives; often unaware of the problems of those around them. I’ve traded a few emails with director Kyle Beauregard and we hope to schedule a video audition over the next couple of days.

 I’m hoping to set up another audition/interview for another supporting role in the film THE DEVIL COME, a psychological thriller about an enforcer for the criminal underworld and his struggles against both his boss and himself to leave that life behind. That film will be shooting in the Lehigh Valley, PA area in late April.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

ServiceRunner Commercial Shoot Moved To Next Weekend

Due to the snow storm, todays' shoot was postponed, but it has been re-scheduled for next weekend.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Meeting With Herb Rothman of American Talent Management Next Week

I have snagged a meeting with manager Herb Rothman of American Talent Management for next Wednesday afternoon.

We'll see what happens.

For information on the firm, please visit:

WE JUST WANT TO PLAY Shoot Moved to March 3rd

The WE JUST WANT TO PLAY shoot has been moved to Sunday, March 3rd.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

SIMPLE MIND To Be Screened At The NYC Downtown Short Film Festival On February 24th

Phil Newsom's SIMPLE MIND is to be screened at the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival at the Duo Theater in Lower Manhattan on February 24th at 5PM.

For information on tickets, please visit:

Cast In Ad (Shoot On Saturday)

I have just been cast in the role of the Therapist in that commercial I submitted a video audition for last evening.

The shoot will take place on Saturday morning.

SWAN SONG - Shoot On March 16th

As far as SWAN SONG is concerned, we're jumping right into shooting, specifically a key scene between actors Jeff Moffitt and Dan Berkey, which will be used as part of a campaign to raise funds for the film. The hope is to raise enough funds that we shoot the remainder of the film in the summer.

The ''campaign''shoot will take place on March 16th, at a location in Brooklyn, made possible by Rob LaSalle.

Prior to the March 16th shoot, Rob and Rafael Ortiz, both of In Focus Entertainment, and I will meet to discuss the film. Lots to discuss there.

Cast As Smarmy Athletic Director Dickerman in the film WE JUST WANT TO PLAY

Last evening, I received word that I have been in the comedy WE JUST WANT TO PLAY, produced by Team 3 Productions, as the smarmy athletic director Richard Dickerman.

Very excited to be a part of this project and to play this role.

I will be heading out to CT on the 16th to shoot all of my scenes for the film.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Video Audition for Commercial

I just submitted another video audition, this time for the role of a therapist in a commercial. If cast, shooting will take place on Saturday morning.

Jared Mobarak Reviews GUNDERSON'S


REVIEW: Gunderson’s [2011]

“That sounds like a supermarket”
A short film inside a short film, Matt Porter‘s Gunderson’s survives as a standalone storyline from the marginally longer work Argyle. Depicting a week in the life of Max (Max Azulay) as he readies to substitute teach a 7th grade health class while the real teacher takes maternity leave, what should be a fantastic opportunity becomes ruined by an unorthodox diagnosis of a new, rare sexually transmitted disease. Saddled by a VD twitch the day before he is supposed to warn young minds away from the unprotected sex that led him to the affliction, Max finds himself free to candidly let the students know that life happens and it isn’t worth being afraid of overblown horrors.
Granted this revelation occurs after he willingly screens a lamely made drunk driving video, one wherein he and little buddy Ray (Jay Fernandez) fist bump at the display of carnage. Suffice it to say Max wasn’t going to be one to filter his adult mistakes anyway, the blowback of Principal Cox (Timothy J. Cox apparently expanding on his smarmy role from The Teacher’s Lounge) discovering the ailment simply giving the teacher reason to no longer care. Gunderson’s—despite being real in the film’s universe—is as laughably absurd a concept for a disease there as it would be here. It serves as the catalyst to make the lead character unravel a bit with his health class and disseminate the hard, unfavorable truths of adolescent fun.

Written by Porter, Azulay, Phil Primason, and Mallory Westfall, the short starts off slow as Dr. Grossman (Dan Azulay) hands out his diagnosis and Max jokes about it with Ray, Simon (Eoin Cahill), and Carl (Mike DeGasperi<) with nods to Sweden and Cirque du Soleil. Despite a few funny lines, the characters exist in more of a skit atmosphere rather than a movie one. Thankfully things get moving into a more purposeful direction once we shift to the school for the completion of the tale. It's here where Max's actions have cause and effect and where the laughs become more authentic due to the dynamic between he and his students cutting through the lies standardized education builds to "scare kids straight".

Gunderson’s is entertaining enough to want to visit the rest of Dialtone Pictures’ Argyle whole, but the description for it speaks of an entirely different character at the lead. Besides making me wonder how it can be about someone who isn’t even a part of Max’s story here, it also makes me sad our new sexually promiscuous friend won’t be the focal point. Honestly, by the end I wouldn’t mind watching more of his antics through the growing pains of adulthood. The film is funny enough to keep the broader performance of Cox entertaining as well as the more amateurish ones from the periphery. And with progressive ideas like communicating to kids instead of talking down to them, it may also have a bit of relevant social commentary to boot.

Gunderson’s 6/10 | ★ ★ ½

Taking A Supporting Role in SWAN SONG

I have decided that I will taking on a supporting role in SWAN SONG. I had my sights set on a small role in the beginning of the film, but the more I've read the script recently, the more I've been drawn to the role of Denny O'Quinn, a businessman and ''associate'' of Kent McCord, the role to be played by Jeff Moffitt.

Admittedly, I wrote the role with another actor in mind, but, call me selfish, but I want him for myself.

Denny acts as McCord's go-between as far as ''jobs'' are concerned and in his brief scene, gives some advice to McCord that may affect the rest of his life.  It's a different kind of role for me, but a challenge that I am looking forward to embracing.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Wednesday Night Audition for ComQi Commercial

A typical, modern American family visits a large retail store to purchase a new bed for their young son. At the store, they experience the revolutionary technology that ComQI provides!!!

I will be reading for the role of the father of this family at an audition on Wednesday night.

According to their website, ComQi is a global leader providing a powerful multi-channel message management platform that controls a network’s content and infrastructure, closing the loop between digital signage, mobile, web and social media within a venue. This provides powerful ‘Connected Experiences’ for the end user.

Audition On February 15th for People’s Light & Theatre Company – 2013 Season (In Philadelphia)

The People’s Light & Theatre Company, in Philadelphia, are holding their Equity Principal Auditions for their 2013-14 season and I snagged an audition spot for the afternoon of February 15th.

Here are the 3 shows that I'm going out for:

THE RAINMAKER Writer: N. Richard Nash
Director: Abigail Adams
First Rehearsal: 8/13/13. Runs: 9/21/13 – 10/13/13

Writer: Henrik Ibsen
Director: Ken Marini
First Rehearsal: 12/17/13. Runs: 1/18/14 – 2/9/14

Writer: Jane Austen, Adapted by Joseph Hanreddy & J.R. Sullivan
Director: Samantha Bellomo
First Rehearsal: 1/21/14. Runs: 3/1/14 – 3/30/14

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Video Audition for WE JUST WANT TO PLAY

Just recorded and forwarded my video audition for the comedy WE JUST WANT TO PLAY to the producers of the film.

We'll see what happens.

A New And Exciting Venture...As A Screenwriter?

I know, I'm surprised too.

For the last year or so, I've been going back and forth on this short screenplay of mine, titled SWAN SONG, about a hitman, looking for a way out of the life of a killer, hoping for a new start, but can anyone really walk away from the only life that they have ever known? I've gone back to it from time to time over the last year or so, but I never thought in a million years that anything would happen with it.

Well, thanks to filmmakers Rob LaSalle and Rafael Ortiz, it's happening!

I sent a copy of the script to Rob last year, just to have it read. Rob and I became acquainted through director Marvin Suarez, during the making of the film THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE.

Recently, he, Rafael and I have been trading emails with the thought of making a 30-45 minute film of SWAN SONG.

In the last 24 hours alone, things have already begun to take shape with this project. Actors Jeff Moffitt and Dan Berkey have signed on for major roles in the film, roles that I wrote with them in mind, so I'm especially thrilled for their involvement.

Lots of planning; lots to discuss and put together, but for now, all I can say is how excited I am for this new and exciting adventure.

Stay tuned!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Jared Mobarak Reviews THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

REVIEW: The Teacher’s Lounge [2011]

“Do you like Italian?”
As part of the In the Closet Series created by New York City native Yahaira Paulino, the short film The Teacher’s Lounge fits perfectly. Developed as a venue for artists to make films that show “people being people […] when no one is watching them,” the concept allows for an infinite number of possibilities along the spectrum of human experience. By being about what we do when we’re alone, however, negative connotations are unavoidable and perhaps desired. I’m sure some filmmakers would love to find a way to showcase mankind’s mundane daily rituals in some entertaining way, but there are many secrets, lies, and deception in our moments of isolation ripe for the picking. Why wouldn’t humanity’s dark side be the natural attraction?

This is where director Marvin Suarez is drawn for The Teacher’s Lounge on an otherwise normal day at school. The music department’s grade deadline has arrived, providing the perfect opportunity for the man in charge (Timothy J. Cox) to find out exactly how effective his educators are. Robert (Sabar Banks) is the consummate professional while Mary (Deja Aramburu) proves to be anything but. Bored and listless, she’s found procrastinating by doodling on the chalkboard rather than just getting out her red pen like Robert most likely already has. Instead she simply opens a magazine and instantly dozes off with only the fear from waking without any time left to finally shake her from the doldrums of ineptitude.

It’s a character study of our self-destructive ways when trapped inside a situation we subconsciously don’t want to be. Either Mary is the worst teacher in the world or she is looking to get fired—there is no other option besides bad screenwriting. While this may still be the case, I get why Suarez and the three actors who also cowrote the film with him would craft such a one-dimensional role at its center. Mary’s little secrets behind closed doors aren’t the dirty laundry they’d ultimately like to reveal. No, that distinction comes in the form of Cox’s choice for a promotion and the ulterior motives coming with it. Rather than be about what occurs when Mary is alone, The Teacher’s Lounge is actually about what her boss does after catching her.

The end result is an amateurish exercise that fulfills the regulations of the system in which it was created. Does this make it a good film? No. The acting is over-the-top from Aramburu’s ambivalence to Banks’ exasperation to Cox’s smarm and the horror-lite score playing beneath every second does nothing to deflect from their inauthenticity. It’s tough to fault the whole too much, though, since as an ‘assignment’ it does succeed. Unfortunately, following guidelines with a clich├ęd and hurried story of laziness, newfound conscience, sexual harassment, and blackmail doesn’t give a movie the same vote of confidence when viewed outside its original intent. No, here it’s merely a valiant but flawed attempt at drama.

The Teacher’s Lounge 4/10 | ★ ½

Watch The Teacher’s Lounge for yourself on Vimeo.

Audition on February 15th For New Adaptation of Poe's THE TELL-TALE HEART

Kyle Zober has adapted for the screen Edgar Allen Poe's classic mystery THE TELL-TALE HEART, which I will be auditioning for in 2 weeks. Set in modern day, Philadelphia, Kyle gives a fresh look to an old classic. I will be going in to read for the role of a police detective who pops up in the last half of the film.

The audition will be on February 15th in Philadelphia.