Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tonight's Shoot

Tonight's shoot should be a lot of fun.

The sketch being shot is a segment from a fake PBS-style documentary about 80's rock sensation Gruce Stringcheese. Gruce was an avid Bruce Springsteen fan who eventually stole his act, billing himself at venues and stadiums as Bruce. It became a known risk when buying Bruce Springsteen tickets that when the curtains rose, it might be Gruce and his horrible covers (Born in United States, Thunder Boy, Dancing with the Dork, etc)... His shows would last hours and people would boo and boo , but he would mistake it for them chanting his name "Gruuuuce, Gruuuuce"...

Here's a basic timeline of Gruce's career:


1964 - Gruce is Born
1977 - Gruce sees his first Bruce Springsteen show
1984 - Gruce is invited out of the audience and onto the stage by Bruce, during the Born in the USA tour
1984 - Gruce is encouraged by this and starts performing , billing himself as Bruce at venues
1986 - Gruce gains a cult semi-ironic following of "Gruceheads", mainly drunken teenagers
1988 - Gruce stars in the documentary The Last Boogie, by documentarian Martin Scorcheesi (a guy who tried to steal Martin Scorsese's career in a similar way)
1993 - Gruce goes into seclusion

Tonight's shoot will consist of an interview with me as Scorcheesi. The creators wrote down some of the jokes they liked from my audition, so we'll return to some of those tonight and try a bunch more stuff too I'm sure.
The pilot itself is still ''Untitled''.

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