Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cinema-Crazed Review of SIMPLE MIND


I guess for actor Timothy Cox, this could serve as a respectable

addition to his acting reel, a short film that demonstrates what he's

capable of in the range of layered performances. As a film it's not much

of one. The story is pretty easy to follow, the clues to the final surprise are all

rather predictable, and the ultimate message is not very interesting. The story also

feels immensely rushed, to the point where it all felt like the screenwriter was under

pressure to squeeze in many elements under such a short time frame. Without giving

away the ending to what is a rather breakneck paced short, Simple Mind" is the accounts

of a man named Bob who tells the story of how he followed a woman home one day and

grew obsessed with her, without her knowledge he ever existed.


With flashbacks, tricky editing, and a lot of unusual camera tricks from director Phil

Newsom, we're able to garner a glimpse in to the madness of character Bob and how

he's dealt with the confrontation with the woman through vague images and his

own intense thoughts.


"Simple Mind" is a rather hasty production that could have used at least five more minutes

of exposition and build up. Should we sympathize for Bob or fear him? Is he protagonist or

antagonist? Is he evil or just misguided? When the final scene is revealed, it's not so surprising

because we know so little about Bob, and there isn't much dramatic tension to allow us a

amazement of the final shot. There's certainly room for a great movie here, but it could definitely

use a lot more work in the narrative department.



Summing Up: Timothy Cox leads what is essentially a showcase for his acting abilities, but

beyond being a title for his repertoire, "Simple Mind" is bereft of surprises, or tension

with a final reveal that's so abrupt it doesn't pack the intended punch.



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