Friday, December 21, 2012

2012: A Year In Review

Another year is about to come to a close.

Lots of professional and personal highlights, some professional disappointments, but all in all, as always, the positives outweigh the negatives.

THE 39 STEPS was the highlight of the year from a professional standpoint for me. The most challenging and fulfilling experience that I have ever had as an actor. Larry Lesher and I had drinks last evening and we're still amazed that we climbed that mountain. We even discussed the possibility of doing NOISES OFF in the future, a show that has even more challenges than THE 39 STEPS. Might have to climb that mountain some day.

If you're a regular reader, then you already know my thoughts on IVANOV.

On the film side, SIMPLE MIND was the highlight. I'll always be in debt to Phil Newsom for thinking of me for the part of Bob, which I had a great time playing, although he confided to me that I got the part because before the project, I sent him an email with my headshot and resume, asking him to keep me in mind for future projects. The timing proved to be perfect. So a lesson: Always keep in contact with people; send an email, postcard, etc. You never know what it will lead to.

2013 is around the corner and I know that I have MARTY AND DOUG'S NEW RELIGION, PART II to keep me busy in the spring/summer. I may also be involved in another production with Gracye Productions' (THE ASPHALT CHRISTMAS) which would be a great thrill!

I'm also getting married in August, so on the personal side, I can say already that that will be the highlight of 2013.

As always, it's never boring, always a challenge....just the way I like it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cinema-Crazed Review of SIMPLE MIND


I guess for actor Timothy Cox, this could serve as a respectable

addition to his acting reel, a short film that demonstrates what he's

capable of in the range of layered performances. As a film it's not much

of one. The story is pretty easy to follow, the clues to the final surprise are all

rather predictable, and the ultimate message is not very interesting. The story also

feels immensely rushed, to the point where it all felt like the screenwriter was under

pressure to squeeze in many elements under such a short time frame. Without giving

away the ending to what is a rather breakneck paced short, Simple Mind" is the accounts

of a man named Bob who tells the story of how he followed a woman home one day and

grew obsessed with her, without her knowledge he ever existed.


With flashbacks, tricky editing, and a lot of unusual camera tricks from director Phil

Newsom, we're able to garner a glimpse in to the madness of character Bob and how

he's dealt with the confrontation with the woman through vague images and his

own intense thoughts.


"Simple Mind" is a rather hasty production that could have used at least five more minutes

of exposition and build up. Should we sympathize for Bob or fear him? Is he protagonist or

antagonist? Is he evil or just misguided? When the final scene is revealed, it's not so surprising

because we know so little about Bob, and there isn't much dramatic tension to allow us a

amazement of the final shot. There's certainly room for a great movie here, but it could definitely

use a lot more work in the narrative department.



Summing Up: Timothy Cox leads what is essentially a showcase for his acting abilities, but

beyond being a title for his repertoire, "Simple Mind" is bereft of surprises, or tension

with a final reveal that's so abrupt it doesn't pack the intended punch.



Monday, December 17, 2012

Sonic-Cinema Review of SIMPLE MIND

Simple Mind (Short) (2012): B+

In “Simple Mind,” writer-director Phil Newsom had me, lost me, then had me again with a short film that was intriguing, and a little frustrating, in the way it told a story of mental illness.

Timothy J. Cox plays a man in a psychiatrist’s office, telling a young therapist (Kristi McCarson) about a woman he meets, and falls in love with instantly. He tells her about things he gives her, like a pair of red slippers. Then, a twist, albeit one we can see coming; turns out he has killed this woman, and he gets excited about it, justifying it to the therapist, who continues to hear him out. Of course, this is the moment where, in real life, an actual therapist would have to make a call to the police, but there’s one more twist in store.

It was the portion of the 7-minute film where the man was talking about murdering this woman where the film lost me, and took me out of any sense of reality because it seemed so out of character for a real therapist to be so calm during this moment. The final twist—one of two possibilities I considered—brought the film back to reality, and headed into the end credits on a strong note. The mark of a good short film is the idea of wanting to spend more time with the story it tells. By that criteria, this is a very good one, indeed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last Evenings' Shoot

Last evenings' shoot was pretty easygoing and a lot of fun. In and out in one hour. Had a blast working with director James Benson and hope for the chance to participate in another sketch real soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ANNOYANCE - A COMEDY Reading on January 27th

On January 27th, I will be participating in an informal reading of Sam Bobrick's comedy ANNOYANCE.

The reading will take place at the Ripley Grier Studios on 36th Street.

Here is the cast list:

Ethan Steckler: Greg Vorob
Dr. Anita Wells: Jacqueline Herbach*
Dr. Sidney Gates: Timothy J. Cox*

*Member Actors Equity Association

Tonight's Shoot

Tonight's shoot should be a lot of fun.

The sketch being shot is a segment from a fake PBS-style documentary about 80's rock sensation Gruce Stringcheese. Gruce was an avid Bruce Springsteen fan who eventually stole his act, billing himself at venues and stadiums as Bruce. It became a known risk when buying Bruce Springsteen tickets that when the curtains rose, it might be Gruce and his horrible covers (Born in United States, Thunder Boy, Dancing with the Dork, etc)... His shows would last hours and people would boo and boo , but he would mistake it for them chanting his name "Gruuuuce, Gruuuuce"...

Here's a basic timeline of Gruce's career:


1964 - Gruce is Born
1977 - Gruce sees his first Bruce Springsteen show
1984 - Gruce is invited out of the audience and onto the stage by Bruce, during the Born in the USA tour
1984 - Gruce is encouraged by this and starts performing , billing himself as Bruce at venues
1986 - Gruce gains a cult semi-ironic following of "Gruceheads", mainly drunken teenagers
1988 - Gruce stars in the documentary The Last Boogie, by documentarian Martin Scorcheesi (a guy who tried to steal Martin Scorsese's career in a similar way)
1993 - Gruce goes into seclusion

Tonight's shoot will consist of an interview with me as Scorcheesi. The creators wrote down some of the jokes they liked from my audition, so we'll return to some of those tonight and try a bunch more stuff too I'm sure.
The pilot itself is still ''Untitled''.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cast In Sketch Comedy Pilot, Shooting Wednesday Night

Back on November 18th, I had auditioned for a sketch comedy pilot and now, I have been cast. I had a blast at the audition; liked the energy of the creators, so now I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

I'll be jumping right into a sketch that's shooting Wednesday night.

In my audition, I improvised this Martin Scorsese like character, who's being interviewed about this rock performer that he's in awe of. Lots of energy bouncing off the Mr. Scorsese. The creators really liked this character, so I'll be playing that.

I should be receiving a script copy of the sketch soon.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Yestrdays' Auditions

Both auditions were a lot of fun yesterday, although I didn't get the ''Bad Santa'' role, as rehearsals took place this morning...for a shoot taking place on Monday morning.

The HURT LIKE MINE audition was enjoyable. I read sides twice, got a little direction, which the auditioners liked that I took. Now, it's a waiting game. If cast, that project will be shooting in Carney, NJ in February. 

Friday, December 07, 2012

Two Auditions Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning and early afternoon, I have two auditions, first for the ''Bad Santa'' type role in the web series pilot and the role of a grieving father in HURT LIKE MINE.

Reading of ANNOYANCE - A COMEDY By Sam Bobrick in January

Greg Vorob has tapped me to participate in an informal reading of Sam Bobrick's comedy ANNOYANCE, which is about a very annoying man who goes to see two therapists, with the hopes of becoming less annoying. In his pursuit of mental stability he drives them both over the edge.

I will be reading the role of one of those therapists, Dr. Sidney Gates.

Greg wants to do the reading sometime in January. It's too early to say if whether or not this will lead to a full production.

For information on Sam Bobrick, please visit:

All Things Randoms' GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL Update

It's festival submission time and director Dan Kowalski has been doing just that for GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL.

Sadly, the film was not accepted into The Iron Mule Film Festival and Slamdance, but it has been submitted to the Brooklyn International Film Festival, New York United, New York City International Film Festival and the Long Island Film Festival, so fingers are crossed for acceptance into all of those festivals.


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Audition On Saturday Morning For Web Series Pilot

On Saturday Morning, I will be reading for a role in web series pilot from Out of Stock Company.

I will be reading for the role of an "off-color" Santa Claus. Think Billy Bob Thornton circa "Bad Santa." Grimy, smoker, inappropriate, con-artist, etc...

Sounds like fun.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

TROUBLE Shoot This Past Weekend

Just got home from CT a few hours ago...

The TROUBLE shoot in Middletown, CT went pretty well. Writer / director Daniel Witkin kept things moving fairly well over the two shooting days. The crew, led by producer John L. Schmidt and director of photography Daniel Kass were a real highlight; very professional and kind. It was a real pleasure to watch them work.

They have more footage to shoot next weekend. After that, it's the always long process of editing, so I'm sure it'll be some time before I have any updates on this project.

Thanks to Danny, John and Dan for the chance to be a part of the project.