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The Entertainment Scribe Review of GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL

Greg’s Guardian Angel (2012)

October 3, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Movie Reviews

Greg’s Guardian Angel, a comedy short from the team of All Things Random and Phalanx Film and Video, tells the amusing tale of Greg (Greg Vorob) and his guardian angel (Elmer J. Santos). The angel pays Greg a visit one day and begins to guide Greg, in the hopes that he will make the ”right” decisions in his life.
What are the ”right” decisions? Who knows?

The angel does, but while his efforts to guide Greg start off promising, very quickly, the angel causes more trouble than anything, driving poor Greg to the brink of insanity.

A very funny premise, presented will considerable skill by writer Dan Conrad and director Dan Kowalski. I enjoyed the colorful title sequence especially, which featured a pleasing score by Romain Battaglia.

From the cast, Santos proved hysterically funny as the bothersome angel, while Vorob scored as everyman Greg. In a huge switch from his serial killer role in Simple Mind, Timothy J. Cox made the most of his fun appearance as Greg’s boss, Mr. Schmaven.

I look forward to more from the team of All Things Random and Phalanx Film and Video.

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