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Oct 3, 2012

In Phil Newsom’s 7 minute psychological thriller short Simple Mind, we delve into the mind of Bob (Timothy J. Cox) and as we quickly learn, it’s not a pleasant place to be.

Bob is visiting his therapist and his story for this session involves a new love in his life, Samantha (Kristi McCarson), but this is not a tale of romance, but instead it is tale of a killer and how and what makes a killer tick. Bob is a killer who enjoys what he does, relishes it even, but above all, he wants praise for his ”achievements”, as he thinks he’s the best there is and the best there ever will be. This guy gives new meaning to the term ”delusions of grandeur”.

Simple Mind was helmed by first time writer/director Phil Newsom, who along with the films’ director of photography, Paul Nameck, have crafted a chilling look into the human mind.
Nameck’s camera work is sharp and focused throughout, while Newsom’s script is on point and does feature a surprise or two, like all good thrillers.

There are some minor sound issues halfway through the film, but it doesn’t hamper one’s overall enjoyment of the piece.

Simple Mind soars because of the dynamic performance of Timothy J. Cox, as Bob. It’s the subtlely where Cox nails the character, as Bob looks harmless at first glance, even sweet natured, but make no mistake, this guy is all evil. Cox’s is complimented by Kristi McCarson’s quiet and convincing turn as Samantha.

Definitely worth a look!

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