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Greg's Guardian Angel (2012)

Here's the story of Greg and his terrible guardian angel.
''Greg's Guardian Angel'' is an endearing and ridiculously funny comedy short about an everyday Joe (Greg Vorob) who's paid a visit from his guardian angel (Elmer J. Santos), who tries to lead Greg onto the right path in his life, specifically regarding the everyday choices that we, as humans, make, as according to the angel, the choices we make now could impact the future.
Everything starts out wonderfully between Greg and the Angel. The Angel's guidance and advice leads him to some success in his work life and potentially, in his love life, but remember those everyday choices I mentioned? Well, this angel really means ''every'' everyday choice and his admonishments to Greg about things like the ''right'' toothpaste to use or the importance of spicy brown mustard on a sandwich instead of regular mustard, begin to drive Greg insane...and fill us with laughter.
All Things Random Productions and Phalanx Film and Video partnered up for this project and it's a real winner. I chuckled all the way through thanks to Dan Conrad's hilarious script and to director Dan Kowalski's solid and steady pace.
Greg Vorob is an amiable leading man, but it's Elmer J. Santos, as the Angel who scores the biggest points here; a real delight!
Vorob and Santos receive great support from Timothy J. Cox and Jack Moran as Greg's stuffy bosses.
I received a special screener of this film, but hope that it will be available for viewing online soon for all to see, as it's a real hoot.
For information on ''Greg's Guardian Angel'', please visit the films' official website: www.gregsguardianangel.com



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Greg Vorob, Elmer J. Santos, Caitlin Winter, Timothy J. Cox and Jack Moran

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