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Click This For A Review Of GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL Is Out...Already!

A review of All Things Random's latest comedy GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL has been posted.

Short Film Review: Greg’s Guardian Angel (2012)

Published by Peter Sanderson September 19th, 2012

Peter Sanderson reviews the latest from All Things Random Productions, the very funny comedy short ""Greg’s Guardian Angel”, starring Greg Vorob and Elmer J. Santos.

All Things Random Productions, who brought us Marty and Doug’s New Religion last year, has served up a new comedy in that same vein with their very funny short Greg’s Guardian Angel, written by Dan Conrad, directed by Dan Kowalski and starring Greg Vorob and Elmer J. Santos.

Vorob stars as ordinary guy Greg, who one day receives a visit from his guardian angel (Santos) who is there to guide him on the right path, like all ”good” guardian angels do. The Angel gives him very specific directions, like ”Don’t wear the green tie, but the red tie”. The Angel states that it’s all about the choices we make that determine how our lives are going to play out. Greg follows the Angel’s advice and all of the sudden; Greg is showered with good fortune. He makes big impressions on his bosses (Timothy J. Cox and Jack Moran) and catches the eye of office colleague Monica (Caitlin Winter), but as soon as a date with Monica misfires, due to the Angel’s meddling, Greg begins to look upon the Angel as not so much a guardian, but as an annoying pest. And it only gets worse from there.

Greg’s Guardian Angel is very, very funny; hysterically funny even. It’s sharp and on point in all departments, but most especially because of a winning short script by Dan Conrad and impressive, precise direction from Dan Kowalski. As much as I enjoyed Marty and Doug’s New Religion, I feel that the overall execution was much stronger on this new project and I look forward to even more All Things Random projects, especially the rumored sequel to Marty and Doug’s New Religion.

On the acting side, it’s Santos’ gloriously over the top turn as the Angel that drives the film. It’s a real hoot all the way through. Vorob makes use of the same charm and humor that he employed to great effect in Marty and Doug’s New Religion. From the supporting cast, Caitlin Winter and Jack Moran made nice contributions in their respective roles as Monica and as the ridiculously named Thaddeus Pierpont Longshaft III. There’s also a hilarious appearance from an almost unrecognizable Timothy J. Cox as Greg’s Boss, Mr. Schmaven (another wonderfully silly name), proving that the man can do just about anything.

Greg’s Guardian Angel will be available for viewing on Vimeo in the coming weeks.

For information on the production, please visit the film’s official website:

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