Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thoughts on Pasha Lebedyev

I just finished re-reading IVANOV and I have a few general thoughts about Pasha Lebedyev that I just shared with director Pattie Lynn.

Pasha sees a lot of himself in Ivanov. Pasha had that fire, that intensity of youth at one time in his life (hopefully), but he lost it and the next thing he knew, he was middle aged, contemplating death. It's too late for Pasha, but in his eyes, Ivanov has a chance. Aside from this hope, Pasha, to me, is simply a man where happiness and serenity have long passed him by. Like Lear, he is simply crawling towards death...and in many ways, he welcomes it. He welcomes the peace that would come with it. These thoughts may work better as subtext, but ideas like these do get the ball rolling.

Pattie and I hope to meet to discuss the character. Looking forward to that.

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