Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reading of Lorca's BLOOD WEDDING This Saturday

I will be reading 2 roles in this Saturdays' reading of Federico García Lorca's tragedy BLOOD WEDDING, presented by the Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective.

Here is a synopsis of the play:

The Groom and the Bride are getting married. However, Leonardo Felix, who previous was in love with the Bride, comes to her window every night. His marriage is not happy, and he still longs for her. However, the Groom’s Mother hates his family because they killed her husband. One night, Leonardo comes to the Bride and confesses his love to her. She tries to stop him, but she loves him back. However, she goes on to the wedding, and Leonardo and his Wife are allowed to come. Shortly afterwards, everyone discovers that Leonardo and the Bride have run off together. The Mother then orders everyone to go and find them. In the forest that Leonardo and the Bride have fled off to, the Moon states that she wants to see human blood shed as revenge for being shut out of their homes. She and Death, the latter disguised as a beggar, agree to have Leonardo and the Groom kill each other. The Moon and Death manipulate them into meeting each other, and they do indeed kill each other. In the end, when the Bride returns to town, covered in the blood of her two lovers, she is either killed as a sacrifice to restore everyone’s honor or forced to live without them as punishment for her deeds.

I play the father of the bride and one of the woodcutters.

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