Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cast of The Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective's IVANOV

Nikolai Ivanov
Anna (his wife, born Sarra Abramson)
Count Shabelsky (his cousin)
Misha Borkin (his groundskeeper)

Pasha Lebedyev 
Zinaida (his wife)
Sasha (his daughter)

Yevgeny Lvov (a doctor)
Martha Babakin (a widow)
Dmitri Kossih (a gambler)
Avdotya Nazarovna (a matchmaker)
Yegorushka (a bachelor)
Natasha (a musician)
Christopher Bonewitz*
Emily Kitchens *^
Brian Keith MacDonald*^
Nate Dendy*

Timothy J. Cox*
Kymberly Tuttle
Britannie Bond*

Jordan Kaplan*
Patricia Lynn*^
Kyle Schaefer*
Judith Ingber
Vichet Chum*
Natalie Hegg*

* Actor appears courtesy of Actor's Equity Association. An Equity Approved Showcase
^ Company member of The Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective

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