Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Night's Show

Last night's show was pretty solid, even if the audience were not as spirited as the previous evenings' crowd.

We now have a few days off. We've earned it.

Back on Wednesday.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cast in August 18th Reading of Lorca's BLOOD WEDDING

I'm getting back into the reading group, headed up, as always,by Pattie Lynn. On August 18th, I will a few roles in an informal reading of Federico Garcia Lorca's BLOOD WEDDING.

Looking forward to it.

Another Great Show Last Night

It was another great show last night. Laughs all the way through and a huge standing ovation at the end.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who attended last evenings' performance, especially Jamie, her parents and my family. Your support, as always, is deeply appreciated.

Back again tonight.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tonights' Performance Rocked!

Tonight's performance was so wonderful...a huge step up from last night. It was energetic and fun all the way through...a real pleasure.

Tomorrow is a big day. Jamie, her parents Lee and Terri and her sister Haley are attending the show, as well as members of my very supportive family, including my parents Al and Eileen , plus Mike and Karen Darcy. I'm so thrilled to have everyone see this show.

Pat's Opinionated View on THE 39 STEPS

THEATER: The 39 Steps

Millbrook Playhouse has done it again. THE 39 STEPS is a complete surprise! When I first saw that Millbrook would be doing a production of Alfred Hitchcock’s famous film THE 39 STEPS, I was delighted. The movie is a classic suspense film done as only Hitchcock could do suspense. When I heard that Millbrook would be doing it as a spoof, and with only four actors, I was apprehensive to say the least. I should have trusted Artistic Director, Teresa Pond.

Selecting Lawrence Lesher to direct was the first good decision. Regular patrons of Millbrook know Lawrence as an actor. Remember Saunders in Lend Me A Tenor? It is nice to know that he has the directorial touch to do fast moving comedy as well. The pacing is crucial to this show.

Getting the right four actors was also vital. These four people are responsible for playing over 150 roles. Yes, you read that correctly…..150 roles played by four actors. Now you see why pacing was so important.

The exception to the above paragraph is Chris Kateff who played the single role of Richard Hannay, the innocent man who gets pulled into the spy/murder/intrigue/ romance plot. There were few times that Chris was not on stage and the audience depended on him to keep us abreast of the story line. He also has the sophistication of a true British leading man. It was the little touches that reminded us that he was in a farce. I loved his reaction to hearing the radio describe him as he was running from the law. He ran a little taller and prouder as the radio announcer gave his physical facts. I would love to see this actor in some of the roles listed in his bio.

Synge Maher had the fun of playing most of the women parts. She got to be the murder victim, the submissive wife, as well as the love interest, thus giving her a chance to show impressive acting skills. Synge understood that sometimes the best way to do comedy is to do it straight. This is especially true if everyone around you is a little frantic.

Tim Cox and Matt Harris played every other role. They each had so much energy and talent that the show raced to its logical conclusion before I knew it. Keeping the different parts with different voices and accents took amazing skill. The train scene had to be watched to be believed. The two actors never left our sight but we watched a newsboy selling the ever important newspaper with the picture of our hero on the front page, the train conductor trying to get everyone back on the train, the local constable, a policeman, and I am sure that I have missed some more. This was a fast change of voice, hats, and simple props. I was very impressed with how fast they moved and never got the parts confused. It really had to be seen to be believed.

The female roles not played by Miss. Maher were handled by Matt Harris. Matt kept the theatre tradition alive of cross-dressing comedy. Why are we so amused by men dressed as women? It never seems to get old. Tim Cox even in a comedy plays a very believable villain. These guys were terrific. I would imagine that by the end of the two week run, they will both have lost a significant amount of weight.

So many little bits of business made this a very funny show. I had fun just watching for references to other Hitchcock films. Watch for them; they are cleverly worked into the dialog, music, and props. As all Hitchcock fans know, he made a “hidden” appearance in each of his films. Watch carefully for him in this production of his THE 39 STEPS.

THE 39 STEPS will run through August the 5th. The Fantastiks will run from August 2 through August 12. This production will showcase some of the best talent that Millbrook has given us this summer.

An OK Opening

Last evenings ' opening went okay. The audience seemed to enjoy it; we even had a few folks give us a standing ovation, but it wasn't the show at its best. Sound was the major issue, with cues not happening fast enough and those delays greatly affected the momentum of the show. I stumbled a little in a few of my scenes, but worst of all, I spent a large portion of the second act trying to readjust my ear mic...very frustrating.

It's okay. We get to do it again tonight.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rest Before The Opening

We went over a few problem spots from last evenings' preview pretty quickly this afternoon. Thankfully, it allowed the cast and crew to have a few hours to rest up before tonights' opening. I feel pretty rested now and ready to go.

Senior Preview A Success!

We have a show!

All of that tech has paid off. Last evenings ' senior preview went very well, with audiences eating it up. Teresa Pond, the Artistic Director of the Playhouse informed us afterwards that one audience member felt it was the best show they had ever seen at the Millbrook Playhouse, which a wonderful thing to hear.

There were some tech and sound issues, which we will be addressing this morning. Hopefully, the cast will be able to get some rest before tonights' opening.

Thanks to anyone who has made a creative contribution to THE 39 STEPS. All of the hard work is paying off.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Long Day...But Great Improvements

We have spent the entire day cleaning up the scene change ms, which now run much, MUCH more smoothly.

We are currently adding the sound and with the new scene changes, we are seeing vast improvements.

We're all exhausted, but we must and will soldier on.

More Tech This Morning

Heading back to the theatre in a few to re-visit the show from a technical standpoint.

I'm glad last night happened. It allows us to step back , make an assessment of the problems, which at the moment are many and address them. From an acting side, diction was an issue. That can and will be rectified easily.

Tonight is a performance for the local senior citizens. It's another preview.

It's going to be a long day, I'm sure, but I am confident that we will be back on the right track by the start of tonights' preview.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Company Preview Has Just Ended

The company preview of the show has just ended. As expected, it was rough, although we did receive some laughs. There's still a lot of work to do tech wise, but now we know where the problem spots are. It did feel good to run the whole thing.

Cue To Cue II

It took some time, but we finished the cue to cue by 1pm this afternoon. It was frustrating, but it was needed badly.

We cleaned up some problem spots, without the tech, after lunch.

We are now a few hours away from the start of the company preview. We, the cast, are as prepared as we can be. As far as the tech, it might be bumpy.

We'll see.

Rough Cue To Cue

For a show that's as tech heavy as ours, it's expected that a cue to cue would take time...but 6 hours on Act One alone? I was not expecting that, but that's what happened last night. We didn't get to the 2nd Act, but will be tackling it first thing this morning.

After that's completed, the hope is to run the show.

This evening is the company preview, which is going to be rough. It's disappointing, but the show must go on.

Monday, July 23, 2012

In Cue To Cue Right Now

In cue to cue for the show. As expected, it's going to take a while. It's going to be a ling night.

Walk Through In Space

With the set completely ours now, we took the opportunity to walk through each scene, with a specific focus on the placement of furniture items, which are many, that are brought on throughout the show. We also adjusted our blocking, so the audiences will be able to see the action clearly.

Cue to cue in 1 hour. Might be a long night.

Blog Highlighted on Nick Leshi's ''City Of Kik"

Actor and playwright Nick Leshi, who has also served as a very kind and gracious critic of my work for BlogCritics in the past, has just highlighted this blog on his own site, called CITY OF KIK.

This is what Nick had to say about me and my blog.

My friend Timothy J. Cox is one of the finest character actors I have ever had the pleasure to see perform. He has done so much amazing work and this blog is a fantastic online journal of his auditions, rehearsals, performances, and overall ruminations on the thespian life. It's an inspiration for every aspiring and working actor out there.

Thanks, Nick!

If you wish to read the entire posting, please visit:

Tech Week Is Here!

Tech week for the show begins today, which my colleagues and I are quite thrilled about.

Last evening, we had a set strike for the previous show in the space, so today, we'll have a chance to work on a bare stage. We'll likely have to make adjustments to our blocking when we do a run through at 1pm today, but that was to be expected.

Tonight, we are going to have a cue to cue. This will be a long process, as sound and light play a major role in any production, especially this one.

On Tuesday, we'll likely tun again during the day. That night, we will have a preview of sorts for the members of the Millbrook Playhouse community.

On Wednesday, we have another preview performance for senior citizens.

On Thursday, we officially open.

Lots of excitement and still lots of work to be done.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tech Is Around The Corner

It's just about that time...that time for tech and the cast and I couldn't be more thrilled, as the technical elements of the show will serve as "a 5th cast member" in the production. Sound will be key, especially in helping us in our scene changes.

We're starting at 1pm today, which is nice. We'll run the second act and then likely start at the top again.

Only a few more days until ShowTime...still a lot to do.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tech Is Near...Thankfully!

We have reached that point in the process where the technical elements, which are many for this production, are needed now for the production to move forward on a positive direction.

Today, we ran a few things, but admittedly...we are all quite exhausted and the exhaustion showed a little.

No worries...these kinds of things are to be expected. Since our arrival, we have worked for approximately 50 hours in 6 days, so we've earned a breather or two.

Back again tomorrow.

Run Of Scene Changes This Morning

We just finished a run through of all of the scene changes, which are many. I found it very helpful .

Run through this afternoon.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Designer Run Today

Today's designer run of the show went pretty well, I thought. We ran through the entire show with only minimal stops and with a number of costumes in place for us to work with. That provided some new challenges, but those will be conquered with the help of repetition.

More work tomorrow.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Designer Run Of The Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, we will be doing a run through of sorts, so all the designers of the show can see the show, but specifically, what  is going to be needed by them to make the full production a success.

Today, we did a rough run through and the show continues to get better every day. For those who have seen Larry's productions in the past, you will know to expect a lot of comic bits.

As for my own performance, I feel pretty solid in some areas and am still growing in others. All part of the process.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Great Day

It was another productive day of work on the show. We picked up where we left off yesterday, with today focusing on Act 2. Synge and Larry guided Matt and I through what is now a very funny dance scene at the end of Act 1. I was nervous at first, as I am not too keen (or able) at dancing, but after relaxing and trusting the people around me, I lightened up and got into it...and now, we have something very funny to show.

Back again with more work.

Keeping Busy

Today, we will only be working for about 3 hours, as Chris has a matinee performance, but while he's performing, Larry, Synge, Matt and I will be working a number our own personal scenes. Synge is going to assist Larry is mapping out a brief dance that Matt and I have to perform.

Should be a productive day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2nd Rehearsal - Review

Our rehearsal today consists of reviewing all that we have done so far. It's been a lot of stopping and starting, which is to be expected, but already, things are coming together nicely, with everyone working hard and bringing nice ideas to the table.

With repetition, the show is going to get better and better.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Play Is Blocked

I am very happy to report that the entire play is blocked. We worked from 10am to 10pm and accomplished quite a bit.

Back again tomorrow from 9 to 5.

Now, it's time for rest.

First Rehearsal....Lots of Fun

It's been amazing first day.

We have been very fortunate already, as we have been working on the stage all day so far.

We have blocked the bulk of Act One in the space and hope to have the entire play blocked at the end of the day.

I am currently enjoying a little break from the action.

This is so much fun!

First Day of Rehearsal At The Playhouse

In a few hours, we will begin our first rehearsal at the Millbrook Playhouse. It's going to be long days, with rehearsals going for between 10-12 hours, which is just perfect to me.

Yesterday, we got settled into the theatre, had a chance to look around the theatre, as well as the town, which is just lovely.

Everyone is excited to jump right in.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Big Day

Today's the big day....the day I travel to Mill Hall, Pennsylvania to begin the production of THE 39 the Millbrook Playhouse.

I'm excited, thrilled, delighted.

I'm at the Port Authority Bus Terminal now, awaiting Larry, Synge and Matt, as well as the bus.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Departing for Pennsylvania On Sunday

Sunday is the big day when I depart for the Millbrook Playhouse in Pennsylvania and it's pretty exciting.

I'll be taking a bus from the Port Authority in Manhattan with Larry Lesher, Matt Harris and Synge Maher. Chris Kateff is already on site as he is currently playing saxophone in the Playhouse's production of YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN. Upon arrival to the theatre, Larry has to go right into a production meeting, while Matt, Synge and I settle in.

The next day will be the start of rehearsals and the days are going to be long, going from 10AM to around we'll have plenty of time to put the show together.

Expect plenty of updates while on site.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here it is...Sean Meehan's latest film project, now titled YOU'RE NOT SAFE HERE, which features the return of Terry Barnes, aka THE BEACH COMBER. 

you're not safe here. from Sean Meehan on Vimeo.

Here are some great on set photos from Jordan Jennings.

Ryan's Reviews on THE MISOGYNIST

The Misogynist (2011)

by Ryan from Ryan's Reviews

Description (from the IMDb):
Harlan is a photographer with 'writer's block'. Tired of shooting the same projects over and over again, he is inspired when he starts using his wife as his muse, but his obsessive perfectionism begins to destroy their relationship and his sanity.
Pascal Yen-Pfister as Harlan, Rhea Sandstrom as Harlan’s Wife, Timothy J. Cox as Frost
Special Features:
None (Online Screener)
Written and Directed by Chai Dingari
This was an odd little film.  THE MISOGYNIST is the story of Harlan, an obviously French photographer living in a tiny apartment in NYC with his wife.  He’s having some problems: Harlan has been having a hard time coming up with pictures that move him, and he’s been dreaming of wolves tearing his wife and as-of-yet non-existent children to shreds.  He lives with a woman who obviously supports him – she pays the rent – but doesn’t really seem to understand him.  On top of all of that, he has a new assignment from his agent for a client that he just can’t seem to get his head around.  Oh, and: he has a pretty damn short fuse.
Harlan, getting personal with his work
I don’t really want to get too much into the plot with TM other than what I’ve already explained because of the fact that it’s only about 12 minutes long, and it would be really easy to do a “book report” on this film and just tell you everything that happens.  TM has a nice and unexpected surprise in the plot that I don’t want to ruin for anyone that might have the opportunity to see this flick, so we’re gonna have to keep things high-level on this one.  TM is a really odd film; the surprise really has basically no warning, and doesn’t feel very justified in the context of the film.  I guess that Harlan is just losing it from his hard time in getting his newest assignment done, but good goddamn does he go off the deep end.
On the production side of things, overall TM is a well-made film.  The video quality is above average; it’s not perfect but it’s not bad in any way.  The lighting leaves a lot to be desired, especially in the tiny apartment (which may have been because they didn’t have someone with knowledge in lighting, or it may be because in that apartment there’s just no place to actually put lights!), but overall the picture quality is not horribly harmed by it.  The composition is especially good; there is good use of natural elements of NYC to make interesting shots that keep the viewer’s eye entertained, and really good selection of locations that make for decent eye candy in the shots.  The sound quality was especially good, and there were very few issues with dialogue being understandable.  I assume that a lot of this comes from the fact that the interiors were shot in very small spaces, so it’s not tough to get a decent quality recording of the audio with any sort of boom mic.
NYC makes a great backdrop for many of the shots, and Dingari's eye picks up interesting visuals
Dingari gets good performances from all three of his actors in TM.  While Sandstrom is the weakest of the three, her performance is in no way bad; she seems a bit lost in the beginning of the film, but her character later seems to be a bit lost in Harlan’s building madness, so this seems more of an artistic choice rather than a flaw in the acting.  Cox does a great job as the comedic foil in the film.  His portrayal of the agent Frost draws the only smiles; Cox does really well as the smart-ass or the funny-guy, as he has shown in other films I have reviewed (here).  The standout on TM is Yen-Pfister’s Harlan, who shows a brooding calm that seems so natural that it makes the eventual aforementioned “surprise” all the more surprising.  He has an intensity, and for the ladies I don’t anyone will complain about his accent.
Be afraid NYC, for Harlan sees all...
Overall, TM is a hard film for me to really make firm decisions about.  TM is well made, but not perfect, it is an interesting script, but not without flaws. The movie has a bunch of really nice shots on the street of NY, but yet has issues with lighting when it is indoors.  TM has a “twist” or “surprise” that really comes up out of nowhere, but it is almost so unexpected as to make it seem very out of place and unsubstantiated.  It was an interesting, odd little film that seems to have a lot of promise but not the best execution; from the plot to the production to even the title (Harlan never seems to particularly hate women, and if he’s not the misogynist, who is?) there is a lot of promise that never comes quite to fruition.  There is no doubt in my mind that TM was made by, and starring, talented people, but I don’t think it quite lives up to the high bar the talent sets for itself.
Overall 6 / 10
TM does not appear to have a site.
(No Poster)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

39 STEPS Rehearsals This Week

Rehearsals will take place tonight, Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday, July 09, 2012

THE 39 STEPS Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with director Larry Lesher and my castmates from THE 39 STEPS and it was great fun having the entire cast together again to go through numerous scenes before we depart for Pennsylvania this coming Sunday.

Larry would like to meet with the cast at least 2 more times before we leave.

(Pictured from left to right: Me, Chris Kateff, Synge Maher, Matt Harris)

Sunday, July 08, 2012

39 STEPS In The Park Today

The cast and director Larry Lesher will be meeting in Central Park today for the beginning of what I'm sure is going to be many rehearsals over the next couple of days. We have a lot of ground to cover, but it will be a lot of fun.

7 days till I leave for Millbrook.

SPACE CATS Shoot Yesterday

Yesterdays' SPACE CATS shoot was a lot of fun. We worked for about 9 hours at Shetler Studios in Manhattan and moved along at a nice pace all day. I especially enjoyed working in the make up, which was expertly provided by Sarah Pencheff. You get to see an example of Sarah's great work in the picture to the right.

Director Sean Macbride Murray hopes to have
this teaser edited together quick, so that it can be posted on IndieGoGo as part of a campaign to raise funds for the pilot episode.

Friday, July 06, 2012


The first update is that the film is no longer going to be called CONVALESCE. A new title is on it's way!

According to Sean, the film is almost done.

Here is a screen shot from the film. 

SPACE CATS Shoot Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a long day, but it should be a lot of fun. My call is 9AM and we'll rehearse and block everything out at that time; make sure everyone is on the same page.

The make up application should take a while and then we'll start shooting in the early afternoon and work until 5PM.

Expect pictures to be posted. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

THE 39 STEPS Cast Rehearsal On Sunday, July 8th

I'm excited that I will be rehearsing THE 39 STEPS  for a large portion of the day on Sunday, July 8th, with the entire cast on hand to get into more detailed blocking work, so that the transition to PA will be smooth for everyone.

In less than 2 weeks, I'll be heading to the Millbrook excited!

SPACE CATS This Weekend

The SPACE CATS shoot is all set for Saturday morning and should keep me busy for the entire day.

Looking forward to it.


All Things Randoms' MARTY AND DOUG 'S NEW RELIGION: PART 2 is now in the early stages of pre-production. Producers Greg Vorob and Dan Conrad are in discussions with director Sean Meehan about helming the project, where principal photography is set to begin this time next year. Sean is not 100% attached to the project as of yet, but I am very hopeful that he'll join the project, as I know he'll take the project in a wonderful  direction.

I am happy to report that aside from my acting duties in this project, I will also serve as an Associate Producer (I will also receive the same credit for my participation on GREG'S GUARDIAN ANGEL).

Stay tuned.

Monday, July 02, 2012

A Long, But Exciting Day in Boston

Yesterdays' shoot was long, but still a heck of a lot of fun. Writer / director Sean Meehan was, as he as always been, a true professional. When we worked, he was amazing to watch...energetic...on his game. It was a sight to see.

Once again, Sean was working as part of a film maker's challenge. The creator of the challenge is in possession of a very high end camera and he offered a challenge to any filmmaker in the Boston area to make a short film with the camera, with the one stipulation that the film couldn't exceed three to four minutes in length. It's a very impressive camera and a nice opportunity for filmmakers to work with some real high quality hardware. The creator of the challenge was going to make a film, from a script that he wrote, which he did; Sean had our film and there was this other filmmaker, whose background was mostly as a director of photography / cinematographer, who made his film. At around 6:30pm last night,  we shot our film. Sean knew what he wanted and we worked swiftly for about 3 hours. Everyone was thrilled and the footage that I saw last evening looked fantastic.

Sean is still tweaking, but I know the final film is going to be just great.

Keep plugging  away, Sean. Good luck!

Stay tuned. 

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Currently On The Bus To Boston

Right now, I am on the Bolt Bus, en route to Boston to make CONVALESCE with writer / director Sean Meehan.

Hope to have pictures from today's shoot.