Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My roommate filmed these monologue performances for a video audition I did a few months back.

It's another crack at the Jamie monologue from LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT and a wonderful speech from Arnold Burns in the Herb Gardner comedy A THOUSAND CLOWNS.

CinemaRoll Review of THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

Short Film Review: The Teacher’s Lounge (2011)

Published in Cinemarolling by PeterSanderson, on August 31, 2011

A teacher with a penchant for ignoring her duties is suddenly on the fast track to an unexpected promotion in Infected Pictures’ short drama The Teacher’s Lounge from director Marvin Suarez.

A teacher with a penchant for ignoring her duties is suddenly on the fast track to an unexpected promotion in Infected Pictures’ short drama The Teacher’s Lounge from director Marvin Suarez.

Mary (Deja Aramburu) avoids her responsibilities as a teacher at all costs, but somehow, her boss (Timothy J. Cox) is convinced that she deserves a promotion to a position with the school board that has recently opened up, but the promotion comes at a price for Mary, as her boss, now aware of Mary’s antics, proposes that they become intimate, with the boss threatening to blackmail and get her fired if she doesn’t comply.

The Teacher’s Lounge sounds more interesting on paper then it looks on film. The script, created by director Suarez and the entire cast has some potential sparks, especially in the closing scene with Cox, who does well in the role of the creepy boss, but overall, the whole ‘’bad teacher’’ thing has been overplayed in movies as of late. Most of Mary’s laziness act comes from out of nowhere. The whole time I wondered, ‘’Why be a teacher at all?’’

The biggest issue that I have with the film though is that director Marvin Suarez shot his film in a choppy and sloppy documentary style, which distracted me from the story and the characters. Now, documentary style can work, but you need a steady hand to be successful and Suarez misses the mark here. Also, Suarez employed a haunting piano chord that played throughout the film that while effective, belongs in another movie.

Part of the In The Closet film series, THE TEACHER’S LOUNGE is available for viewing at and at


Preparations for GREG’S GUARDIAN ANGEL are in the works. This includes the scouting of locations and fine tuning the shooting schedule.

Greg Vorob informed that principal photography is expected to begin after the Christmas holiday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

George C. Scott in THE HOSPITAL

The late, great GEORGE C. SCOTT followed up his Oscar winning turn in PATTON with an equally impressive performance as an alcoholic doctor at the end of his rope in Paddy Chayefsky’s brilliant satire on the medical profession, THE HOSPITAL.

Scott was considered by many to be one of the best actors of all time. Here’s an example of why.


Jack Lemmon soars in this tense scene from the 1979 thriller THE CHINA SYNDROME, which also stars Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Eugene O'Neil Monologues

Thanks to Stuart Hodes for posting this video of my performances of monologues from LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT and THE ICEMAN COMETH from a few months back.


I received the following message today from CHANGE OF PLANS director James Woll:

Anthony (Moran) and I are actually finally getting together tonight to work on the film after a long stretch of being busy with traveling and the like. It should be good coming back with new eyes and it won't be long till it's polished and finished.

Looking forward to seeing the finished film.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

JACKPOT Shoot Cancelled Due To Weather

Due to the Hurricane Irene, the JACKPOT shoot scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled.

Shooting will hopefully resume in the next week or two.

Playing A Cop In FINN'S NOTES

I shall be playing the small role of a cop in the final scene of FINN’S NOTES for Collectivitus. Thanks to Tyrus Holden for the chance to be small part of the project. Shooting will take place on the evening of September 2nd.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Here is the completed version of PRINCIPALS from director Sean MacBride Murray of Zebras in Motion and Collectivitus.

Thanks to Sean for the chance to be a part of this fun shoot.

Cast In Supporting Role In AUTOPHOBIA

My meeting with director Chai Dingari went well, as I have just been offered the role of Frost, the agent to Harlan, the protagonist in Chai’s upcoming film AUTOPHOBIA. Harlan is a photographer with mental bloc'. Tired of shooting the same projects over and over again, he is inspired when he starts using his wife as his muse. His obsessive perfectionism begins to destroy their relationship and his sanity. Frost appears in two scenes and is a fun, supporting role. An agent who tries to help Harlan, but only to serve his own needs.

Shooting of my scenes will take place on the evening of either September 15th or 16th.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Independent Critic Review of THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

The Independent Critic Review of THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

By Richard Propes

Grade: C -

Marvin Suarez

Marvin Suarez, Deja Aramburu, Timothy J. Cox, Sabar Banks

Timothy J. Cox, Deja Aramburu, Sabar Banks

9 Mins.

The greatest thing about reviewing so many indie films is that, over time, you develop really terrific relationships with a wide variety of writers, directors, actors and other film industry up-and-comers. I've been fortunate enough to review several films featuring Timothy J. Cox, a regular presence in quite a few quality short films recently who has regularly submitted his work for review on The Independent Critic.

I love it.

That said, the down side to regularly reviewing an individual is seeing the full spectrum of their work. In other words, you see the good and the bad, the inspiring and the "What were you thinking?"

While The Teacher's Lounge isn't a "What were you thinking?" film, it is a film with a terrific story idea that never really gels into a terrific short film. Mary (Deja Aramburu) is a slacker teacher who does what she can to get ahead without actually doing much of the work. Her boss (Timothy J. Cox) offers her a promotion, but it will come at a rather extreme price.

Perhaps owing to the fact that Hollywood just gave us the bad teacher storyline in, well, Bad Teacher, it's hard not to feel like everything presented here feels timid and bland. The words, created jointly by director Marvin Suarez and the cast, are all spoken yet lack that certain spark of intentionality and tension. It's not that Deja Aramburu's Mary needs to act as outlandishly as did Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher, but rather than slacking much of her behavior seems to come from a place of distraction or exhaustion. If anything, it feels like The Teacher's Lounge is described poorly in its marketing materials. Rather than framing the film with a focus on Mary as slacker teacher trying to get ahead, it seems as if the plot rests almost squarely upon her boss, a predatory creep whose actions prey upon the overworked and unmotivated Mary. By shifting the focus towards the boss, ably played by Timothy J. Cox, the performance of Deja Aramburu resonates more deeply and the tension builds slowly between Mary and her boss.

© Written by Richard Propes

The Independent Critic Review of GUNDERSON'S

The Independent Critic Review of GUNDERSON'S

By Richard Propes

Grade: C+

Matt Porter

Matt Porter, Max Azulay, Phil Primason, Mallory Westfall

Max Azulay, Timothy J. Cox

14 Mins.

Max (Max Azulay) is about to start his first week of teaching health at a middle school. The only problem? He's somehow attracted Gunderson's, a new sexually transmitted disease with but a single symptom.

Gunderson's, a 14-minute short film directed by Matt Porter, requires a tremendous suspension of belief, not just for the lunacy of its basic set-up but also simply to accept the awkwardly inappropriate Max as a potential teacher of any subject.

As played by Max Azulay, Max is one of those "cool" teachers who gets hired mainly because they seemingly have the ability to connect with students on a "real" level. While Max isn't quite as far out there as was Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher, he is a teacher who in this day and age would likely find himself brought before the school's board for a variety of reasons ranging from inappropriate language to just plain ole' bad teaching. While there's no question that Gunderson's is intended as a comedy, it's a comedy that requires a believable foundation to fuel the laughs that will follow.

Gunderson's actually works far more than you might initially expect, mostly owing to Azulay's laid back and frequently funny demeanor running parallel with Timothy J. Cox's hilariously larger-than-life turn as the school's principal. The fact that Gunderson's has actually been pulled from a larger project and turned into a short helps to explain why the film actually feels like it should be a lengthier project, with both Cox and Azulay planting the seeds here for terrific characters that you'd be interested in getting to know a bit more. Even though his character is frequently lacking in the believability department, Azulay does such a nice job of bringing him to life that you very nearly forgive the gaps in the story. The same is true for Timothy J. Cox, who manages to take relatively little screen time and make you sit there wanting more.

Porter also serves as the film's D.P., and lenses the film quite nicely with particular kudos going for his work framing the shots of Max interacting with his physician, his students and with the principal.

Porter, who won the prize for Best "Under 18" short at Shriekfest in 2004 for Semi-Colon, serves up a promising short film here that benefits greatly from its excellent casting (including the kids in the classroom) and Porter's own fine camera work. While the story itself stretches the boundaries of believability, it does so in a way that entertains leaves a smile on your face.

© Written by Richard Propes

Meeting Tonight to Discuss Role in ‘’ AUTOPHOBIA’’

This evening, I will be meeting with director Chai Dingari to discuss a role in her film AUTOPHOBIA, an atmospheric psychological thriller involving a photographer living in New York as he tries to search for the perfect project. He finds inspiration in his wife and begins using her as his muse, causing their relationship and his mental state to unravel.

Possible Role in YES, DEAR

I am currently in talks to play the role of a husband in director Shane Burzynski’s film YES, DEAR. The film is about a husband and wife in a loveless marriage. The husband is weak of character and the wife is a control freak who has become contemptuous of her husband due to his lack of ability to stand up for himself. The story takes place over breakfast one morning and is told from the husbands point of view. All he wants to do is read the paper and his wife keeps getting in his way by making him do everything for her. Through all of this, the man keeps having fantasies of killing his wife while the audience is left wondering if he will actually go through with it.

I'm just waiting on the script, to give it a read, but it sounds interesting.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Todays' shoot in Verona, NJ went very well. Mike Sgroi has strong instincts as a director and he put them to excellent use in what was a very organized day of shooting. I had a great time playing the bad guy and look forward to sharing some screen shots from the film, when they are made available. Thanks again to Mike for allowing to be a part of the film and to Darrin for the use of his home for filming.

Pictures from SUPERS

Here are some pictures from yesterdays' SUPERS shoot, compliments of Sean MacBride Murray.

Also pictured are Caitlin Hackett, Leal Vona and Elsa Gil (who were all great!)


I'm just about to head to Hoboken, New Jersey where I'm meeting Mike Sgroi, who will then transport me to Darrin Biss' home in Verona, NJ where THE GOOD MAN is being shot. It should be a fun day!

Fantastic SUPERS Shoot Yesterday

Yesterdays' SUPERS shoot, with the Collectivitus crew, was fantastic! Every thing about it. I had a ball playing a zombie and hope for the chance to play one again on another episode.

Friday, August 19, 2011

THE GOOD MAN Shoot On Sunday

I'll be in Verona, NJ on Sunday for THE GOOD MAN shoot. Should be a great time. I get to play a bad guy!


I saw a rough version of PRINCIPALS last evening and it looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing and sharing the finished version very soon.

Writer/director Sean MacBride Murray is thinking of penning a new script with me reprising my role of Mr. Gerard. It would also feature Eric Whitehead, reprising his role as Mr. Harrison and Jennifer Ewing, reprising her role as Ms. Halloway.


GREG’S GUARDIAN ANGEL will hopefully be going into pre-production very soon.

Playing The Head Zombie in SUPER Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will be playing a zombie in an episode of SUPERS, a web series created by Tyrus Cukavac for Collectivitus.

I have a 10AM call for make up in Manhattan, which will be done by actress Sarah Pencheff.

This is going to be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cast in SUPER. Shoots on Saturday!

I will be appearing in the film SUPER this weekend for director Tyrus Cukavac of Collectivitus. Not too sure what I’m doing yet, but I do know that I’ll be working on Saturday afternoon/evening.


KINGDOM COME has been put on hold for the time being, as the producers decide for the next course of action.


Due to a scheduling conflict, my day of shooting for JACKPOT has been moved to August 28th

Monday, August 15, 2011

THE GOOD MAN Confirmed for Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon, I will be meeting Mike Sgroi in Hoboken and will then be transported to another part of New Jersey for THE GOOD MAN shoot. Director Sy Cody White may be there to film, so it should be a nice little WATCHERS reunion.


Still awaiting word from writer/director Mike Sgroi if principal photography on THE GOOD MAN is a go for this weekend. I’ll only be needed for one of those days, as my scene is a short, but it is an important and potentially difficult one to shoot, so I’m keeping the whole weekend open.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Meg Skaff's Next Film

Meg Skaff is currently penning a screenplay for her next project and she mentioned that there may be a small role for me in the project, which I'd be thrilled with, as I had a blast working with her on TERRY KENDALL AND ORANGE GREEN.

This one will likely be a few months from now.


Sadly, due to scheduling, I will not be participating in Benjamin Tran's film A SIGN FOR SOMETHING...

I wish Ben all the best on the project. He informed me that he'd like to work with me in the future and I'm hopeful that the opportunity will arise.

Monday, August 08, 2011


Just spoke to director Mike Sgroi about THE GOOD MAN. Looks like principal photography for the film is going to take place on either August 20th or the 21st in Verona, NJ.

Looking forward to it.

Director Meg Skaff's New Website

Today, I found director Meg Skaff's new webiste, which includes information on all of Meg's films, including TERRY KENDALL AND ORANGE GREEN.

There's a trailer for the film on the site, as well as screen shots from the film and a poster, which I have enclosed below.

From Meg's site: SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS- To own a full legal copy of Meg’s latest short, “Terry Kendall & Orange Green” download the iPad APP, “Play Festival Films” for free. The IPhone version of this app is coming soon.


Director Sean MacBride Murray is putting PRINCIPALS together as I type, so hopefully he'll have something to show real soon.


Nothing new to report on this project. The schedule hasn't been locked down. Not to sure if the project is going to happen.

Friday, August 05, 2011


My audition for FINN'S NOTES just ended about an hour ago and it was a lot of fun, especially since I had a chance to read with my MIDSUMMER castmate Andrew Ash, who has been cast as the male lead in the film.

I thought I read pretty well, but it all depends on what they want for Jasper. It's between me and 3 or 4 other actors...and all of us look very different from one we'll see what happens.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

FINN'S NOTES Audition Tomorrow Night

My audition for FINN’S NOTES is tomorrow night at around 9PM.

It’s going to be a 30 minute audition, so I will have a chance to read the role of Jasper Crane a few different ways.

The character is an officious, back stabbing kind of guy who uses his power as leverage to get what he wants.

It’s a fun role…one that I could have a lot of fun with.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Nothing new on the KINGDOM COME end for the moment, but things will hopefully pick up in the coming weeks.

The project does continue to garner a lot of financial support from donors, via the IndieGoGo site, which is wonderful. Thank you to those who have donated to the project.

Stay tuned for more on this project.

JACKPOT Scenes To Be Shot On August 27th

I have received confirmation that all four of my scenes as JC'S Dad in the feature film JACKPOT, will be shot on August 27th in New Brunswick, NJ.

Monday, August 01, 2011


I just received the shooting schedule for JACKPOT and unless I missed something, it looks like all of my scenes (very brief...great to be a supporting actor) will be shot on Saturday, August 27th in New Brunswick, NJ. I'll double check, but if that's the case...that's awesome!

FINN'S NOTES Audition On Friday Night

On Friday night, I will be auditioning for that Sean MacBride Murray project I mentioned a few days back.

Lots going on right now...nice!

A SIGN FOR SOMETHING...Scheduling Woes Continue

My heart goes out to director Benjamin Tran. Scheduling in this line of work is never easy, but he's trying to put something together for the A SIGN FOR SOMETHING...shoot.

Hope to have some good news by the middle of the weel.

New Sean Meehan Script

I'm not going to give away any details, but I just read a very cool new script from Sean Meehan. Sean is looking into making this script the pilot for a new web series.

Very exciting.

THE GOOD MAN To Be Moved To Next Week

Due to scheduling conflicts, the planned shoot for THE GOOD MAN for this Sunday has been postponed. Director Mikee Sgroi is trying to get the schedule together, with a possible Tuesday evening, August 9th shoot.

Stay tuned.