Thursday, March 31, 2011

Audition on Monday for GREEN FINGERS

On Monday, I will be reading for a role in GREEN FINGERS, a film about two men in their early thirties fighting for a woman, while a young boy is watching them from the inside a house, commenting on what they do. The woman is inside the house, knowing what´s going on. This is something that´s been going on for long, the two men fighting are her husband and her old boyfriend.

I will be reading for Brian, one of the men figting for the woman.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Audition On Saturday For TIMOTHY LEARY'S DREAM

Before my WAR OF THE WORLDS audition on Saturday, I will be meeting director Lucy Arnell to discuss a role in her upcoming film TIMOTHY LEARY'S DREAM which is about Jimmy Slivers, the caretaker of the house that George Washington 'used to live in.' According to Lucy, the majority of the movie will be a psychadelic thriller where Jimmy Slivers hallucinates the presence of George Washington and other Victorian Prostitutes, doing some dirty things.

WAR OF THE WORLDS Audition On Saturday

On Saturday afternoon, I will be reading for the role of Dor in Inwood Shakespeare Festival's upcoming production of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, adapted for the stage by artistic director Ted Minos.

I've had the pleasure of seeing many shows with this company and am now looking forward to the chance to possibly work with them.


My ADR session today with TERRY KENDALL director Meg Skaff was quick and quite painless. I got a chance to see how the film is progressing and it looks great thus far.

Looking forward to next Fridays' shooting of the final scenes of the film.

AMERICAN CHEESE Reading Last Night

Last evenings' reading of AMERICAN CHEESE was very nice. Everyone involved in the reading met at a bar called JO'S down by Houston Street. My part was done in the first 10 minutes of the reading, but it was nice to sit and hear playwright Pamela Eberhardt's play come alive.

Hope to involved with more readings with The Unknown Artists.

Short Film Project with Sean MacBride Murray on April 16th and 17th

Sean MacBride Murrat my ARSENIC AND OLD LACE friend and colleague (also the director of the short film NIGEL'S COOKIES) contacted me last evening about working together on a short film project he wrote titled PRINCIPALS, a funny look at the craziness that a school secretary has to put up with a daily basis. Sean, who works as a teacher likely etched the characters depicted in the short film people he encounters on a daily basis. I will be playing the role of Mr. Gerard, a principal who is all about regulations and keeping expenditures down.

It should be a lot of fun to work with Sean on the project.

Shooting is expected to take place on April 16th and 17th.

Two EPA Auditions Today

I went to two EPA auditions this into both, which is in itself an achievement.

I first read for producer Teresa Stoughton Marafino of Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown, PA. Their season includes the drama THE GUYS and the hilarious farce BOEING BOEING.

Ms. Marafino smiled throughout my audition, which I thought went pretty well, so that's a good sign.

My other audition was for the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, MA. The producer for that audition did not smile, nor did he look at me at all during my audition. He stared at his watch once or twice.

Either he was bored or he was really fascinated by his own watch.

In his defense, it was a pretty nice watch.

Oh well, can't please everyone.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On Second Thought...No to ENCHANTED APRIL

After looking over train schedules and looking ahead to the travel costs, I have decided to pass on auditioning for ENCHANTED APRIL.

Round trip from NYC to Southampton would be a little over 4 hours every time I went...would not be a fun trek.

Audition on Friday for Short PULLING TEETH

On Friday, I will be reading for Pulling Teeth, a black comedy centered around a young boy and girl, Trevor and Sally, whose parents are dentists. After being subjected to dentistry as a punishment for their misbehavior by their obsessive and controlling parents, Trevor and Sally engage in comical attempts to kill off their parents.

Possible Audition for Hampton Theatre Company's ENCHANTED APRIL

Still waiting on the particulars, but I may be heading out to Long Island in the next couple of days to read for the role of Frederick Arbuthnot in the Hampton Theatre Company's revival of ENCHANTED APRIL.


Tonorrow, I'll be heading to Brooklyn to ADR the scenes we have already shot for TERRY KENDALL AND THE STALKER.

After tomorrow, I will have one day of shooting left on the film, which will take place on the evening of April 8th.

Monday, March 28, 2011

AMERICAN CHEESE Reading Tomorrow Night

Here is the cast for tomorrow evenings' reading of AMERICAN CHEESE

Jack - John Allison
Young Jack - Chris Fore
Maggie - Pamela Eberhardt
Young Maggie - Sarah Jacobs
Kevin - Kenneth Kyle Martinez
Monica - Kayla King
Frohlich - Chris DeChirico
Fondulis - Jared Dewese
Harry - Dan Testa
Darron - Matt Reed
Barry - Timothy J. Cox
Jacob/ Man/ Director - Christopher Norwood
Sue - Kaitlyn Grimmer
Michael - Rian Patrick Durham

I just finished reading the script and it has its charm, plus a very funny outlook on life behind the scenes of a television series.

My part is brief, but as always, opportunities like this are a good way to network and keep the batteries charged.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Informal Reading of HAMLET On April 9th, Directed by Katherine Carter

Director Katherine Carter has tapped me to participate in an informal reading of HAMLET on April 9th. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to read Polonius and that this reading will be a springboard into a full blown production at a later date.

Cast in Reading of AMERICAN CHEESE

I am about to get involved in my first reading with The Unknown Artists, who will readings of new plays every Tuesday at a space in Manhattan. I was lucky enough to snag a role in their latest reading.


AUTHOR: Pamela Eberhardt

PLOT: A terrible 1986 sitcom titled "American Cheese" is cancelled after one lousy season. 25 years later the show becomes a cult hit on the internet. Jack, the writer of Cheese, is called to collaborate with his old partner for another chance to get back into the industry that kicked them out 25 years ago. Unfortunately the two had a falling out and hold quite a few resentments to one another, making it difficult to spark the creative team they once were.

I'll reading the role of an executive named Barry.

The reading take place on the is coming Tuesday night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great Story On Character Actors By The Late MARTIN BALSAM

The great character actor Martin Balsam, who passed away in 1996, was philosophical on the subject of character actors.

He often told a story about a woman who walked up to one of them and said: "Hey, I saw you. You played the detective who does that bit with the piano.'

Mr. Balsam continued: "Then she goes on to describe just about every small piece of action he did in every movie he's been in. Tremendous amount of enthusiasm, smiles, congratulations; she thinks he's great. Finally she asks his name. He tells her, and she says: 'What? I never heard of you,' and walks away. That's the way it is when you play character parts."

Call me crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

New Monologues

Of late, I have been working on some new monologues for auditions. It's always good to have an arsenal.

For dramatic purposes, I have been using a Jimmy Tomorrow monologue from O'Neill's THE ICEMAN COMETH for a few years. It's served me pretty well, so I'll keep it in the ol' treasure chest.

I have just added a Jamie monologue from O'Neill's LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, as well as a great monologue of Arnold's from the Herb Gardner comedy A THOUSAND CLOWNS. I'm toying with adding a Garfinkle monologue from the comedy OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY as well.

As far as Shakespeare monologues, I think I'm pretty covered. I have a Polonius piece from HAMLET, a few Leonato pieces from MUCH ADO and a Duke Senior speech from AS YOU LIKE IT.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Audition Tomorrow for Film ESSENTIA

A desperate boyfriend finds a package that takes him into the mythical realm of the subconscious to face it's horrors to rescue his the short ESSENTIA, which I will be reading for tomorrow night.

Lots of Mailings

I've been sending lots of headshots through the mail to various agents and theatre companies, so hopefully a bite or two will come from that.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Attending The Pearl Theatre Production of WITTENBERG This Evening

My good friend and colleague Matthew Harris (ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, RUN FOR YOUR WIFE) has invited me to attend a performance of the new play WITTENBERG by David Davalos, which is being presented by the Pearl Theatre Company.

From the Pearl website:

Trouble brews in the hallowed halls of Wittenberg U. circa 1517. Sparring professors, Doctor Faustus and Reverend Martin Luther vie for the allegiance of their star pupil Prince Hamlet, who can’t decide on a major (go figure!). While the prince ping-pongs between their contrary advice, the professors debate faith and reason in a zany spin on classic characters. Wittenberg brings the cleric who ignited the Protestant Reformation toe-to-toe with the philosopher whose lust for life just might lead him to sell his soul, in comic combat for the Prince who should be King.

Matt has recently read the play and thought very highly of it.

Looking forward to it myself.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Two Man Crew Project

I've been doing a lot more writing these days. I don't know...lately, I've been firing off a few pages of dialogue for a few projects over the past couple of weeks. It's been fun and now some of what I have written may be used for the next film project from Two Man Crew Productions.

Stay tuned.

SUMMER Audition

I attended the audition for SUMMER, but I wouldn't say that I actually auditioned.

I showed up, proved too young for the role I was scheduled to read for and proved too old for the only other male role in the show. So, I excused myself, with thanks and went on my way. It's not the directors' fault, altough it is the casting directors fault for not catching this.

Oh well.

There are always other projects.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Audition on Sunday for The Play SUMMER

On Sunday afternoon, I will be auditioning for the role of Mr. Royall in SUMMER, which is going to be produced by Turtle Shell Productions.

It is Summer 1910. Charity Royall, a lonely young librarian, feels trapped in her sleepy New England village. She is pretty and intelligent, but she has little formal education and few friends. Her overprotective guardian, Mr. Royall, has just tried to seduce her. She dreams of romance and of escaping to a more exciting life in the big city. And she thinks she's finally found her chance when she meets Lucius Harney, a city-bred architect who is studying colonial houses in the vicinity. She offers to serve as his guide, and the two quickly grow fond of each other. But Mr. Royall questions Lucius's intentions and sends him packing. Lucius leaves to sort out his affairs. Charity, now pregnant and unsure of her future, learns that Lucius and a more worldly woman, Annabel, are about to be engaged. She considers informing him of her pregnancy, but fears becoming solely an obligation. Alone and abandoned, Charity concludes that the only way to support her baby is through prostitution. But she is saved from her bleak future in a way she least anticipates.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 Review of JACK JIMMINY: THE STORY OF A PORNSTAR EXTRA

Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra

March 9, 2011

By Paul Pritchard


Directed By: Louis Silverstein
Written By: Louis Silverstein and Nolan Silverstein
Country: USA
Released: 2010
Running Time: 23 minutes
Links: Official Site
Comedy, Reviews

Jack Jimminy (Nolan Silverstein) is the son of a pair of porn stars who has reluctantly allowed himself to be pushed into the family business. Clearly uncomfortable with the messy mechanics of making adult films, he has found a compromise that allows him to keep his parents happy and keep his pants on.

Jack Jimminy is a porn film extra.

Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra is an affectionate parody of the porn industry, the people involved and the products they make. Obviously, the porn industry can be a a very easy satirical target and the fly-on-the-wall mockumentary approach taken here is a familiar one. What makes the film stand out, though, is the likably self-aware nature of the central character.

Nolan Silverstein brings a distractedly discomfited air to Jimminy as the character drifts through the profession his parents have pushed him into. The character fully understands just how ludicrous porn films can be and his amused discomfort comes across in a manner that is very easy to share. Jack’s relationship with his parents, however, is probably the most interesting part of this film.

Jack’s parents, played with egregious enthusiasm by Timothy J. Cox and Ethel Fisher are loud, larger than life and everything you’d expect from a pair of retired porn stars. Like any parent, they want the best for their son and, like many parents, they assume that the best is what they know. Jack disagrees with his parents, but can’t bring himself to tell them, and it is this fundamental failure of communication that gives the film its warmly dysfunctional heart.

Littered with some great one-liners and wrapped up in a wonderfully appropriate score, Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra is something of a rarity. The film is a gentle comedy about the porn industry and one that also has something to say about parents who – with the best will in the world – push their kids towards careers that the kids may be less than enthusiastic about.

My only real complaint is that the film doesn’t come to any sort of conclusion. Instead, it stops with the suggestion that there is another instalment to come and this suggestion is something about which I find myself less than enthusiastic.

The film, as it stands, takes a single joke and has a lot of fun with it. I am not convinced that this central joke can be stretched much beyond the 23 minutes we already have.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

TWO MAN CREW Productions - In The Works

I've been trading a few emails with Jeff Moffitt and Sy Cody White about Two Man Crew Productions' next project. Lots of ideas are going around, including a short script that I wrote, but nothing is set in stone as of yet.

Stay tuned.


Due to, yet again, scheduling conflicts, I have had to back out of TOOTLE CLERK. I wish director Benjamin Spaner and his crew the best with the project.

TRAINS - Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

That’s all I seem to hear from the filmmakers of TRAINS, a film I appeared in last year, which I have yet to see (part of me wonders if it’s worth seeing).

The director (and I use that term loosely) claims that he hasn’t received a copy either. Hmm….you’re the director, aren’t you (apparently)?

I would think that all of the people (aside from the editor) you would have a copy of the film at your disposal.

Something tells me that the film is not worth all the trouble.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The Independent Critic Review of THE WATCHERS

The Watchers
Directed by: Sy Cody White
Written by: Sy Cody White, Jeff Moffitt
Starring: Jeff Moffitt, Timothy J. Cox, Peter Francis Span, Kathleen Boddington
Running Time: 28 Mins.
Grade: B+
3.0 Stars


John Porter (Jeff Moffitt) is an accountant whose ordinary, methodical life is thrown into disarray when he begins to "notice" that he's being followed everywhere he goes by sullen, shadowy figures while he tries desperately to reach a mysterious woman named Marcie.

Over the course of the film's 28-minute run time, co-writer and director Sy Cody White builds the tension as it seems each of Porter's subsequent human interactions increases with its menace and intensity. When he finally seeks help from a therapist, Dr. Orwell (Timothy J. Cox), an unexpected result only magnifies Porter's paranoia. Just when it appears he may be traveling down a paranoid abyss, Porter learns that just because he's paranoid it doesn't mean that they're not after him.

Director White takes a familiar New York locale and heightens its already inherent drama, a big city that at times seems to be swallowing up Porter and his increasingly fractured mind. White also serves as D.P. for the film, and fills the screen with larger than life imagery that transcends any notion that this is a low-budget short. Calling The Watchers a tip of the hat to Hitchcock seems a bit too obvious and perhaps even an insult to the film maker, whose style may bring to mind the psychological thrills and paranoia often found in Hitchcock's films but whose imagery and sense of atmosphere excels on its own.

Jeff Moffitt excels as Porter, building a powerful image of his fractured psyche' in a way that never reveals too much and avoids unnecessary histrionics. Everything from Moffitt's body language to his vocal work embody a man whose grasp of reality is either slipping away or simply already gone. Timothy J. Cox, Kathleen Boddington and Peter Francis Span are solid supporting players, complementing Porter's paranoia with a quiet intensity that constantly keeps you guessing just how The Watchers is going to wind down.
Currently on the film festival circuit, The Watchers should prove to be a popular addition to the thriller/horror short genre and serves notice that Jeff Moffitt is an actor to watch in the future.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Sadly, I will not be available to participate in Sean Meehan's next film WASTE OF SPACE, which he's shooting in Boston later this month. It's a shame, as I always enjoy working with Sean, but I am certain that the opportunity to work with Sean again in the future with arise.

TOOTLE CLERK Costume Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow night, I'll be meeting with director Ben Spaner and his production manager to dicuss and if necessary, purchase costume items for the Wall Street big shot that I'm going to be playing in TOOTLE CLERK.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Another Easy Day of Filming with TERRY KENDALL AND THE STALKER

I returned to the Bed Stuy area of Brooklyn to resume filming of TERRY KENDALL AND THE STALKER. We completed a scene on the subway, as well as a key scene in a park. Overall, I was done in about 3 hours.

Like the previous shooting day, director Meg Skaff moved quickly, knowing what she wanted in each scene, thanks to a sketched out story board.

Back in just a few weeks to ADR our previous work.

Friday, March 04, 2011

No Luck With Arrow Rock Lyceum...In For Peterborough Players

The AEA Audition Center was packed again today, mostly with people desiring to audition for Arrow Rock Lyceum. I had wanted to audition, but I would have had to wait a long time. Luckily, there was availability to audition for the Peterborough Players, which is located in Peterborough, NH. There are two shows on their docket that I'd really like to do, Shaws' ARMS AND THE MAN and Shakespeare's MEASURE FOR MEASURE, which I did with the Astoria Performing Arts Center in 2004. I auditioned for Artistic Director, Gus Kaikkonen, who seemed to like my monologue.

As always, you never know what a casting director is thinking and looking for. Sometimes it comes down to a look, the sound of your voice.

You just plugging away.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Upcoming AEA Auditions

Tomorrow, I will be auditioning for the Arrow Rock Lyceum, which is one of Missouri's oldest professional regional theatres. One of the shows they are doing this season is RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, so I look forward to the opportunity to audition.

Other upcoming auditions:

March 7th - People's Light & Theater Company in PA.
March 8th - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
March 10th - The Emma Lazarus Story
March 14th - Dorset Theatre Festival in VT
March 17th - Much Ado About Nothing with Shakespeare on the Sound in Norwalk, CT


I just received word that director Heather Cohn has decided to go in a different direction with the role of Paul Valenti of THE STRANGER OF KINDNESS. A shame, but I hope for the chance to work with Heather in the future.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Back with TERRY KENDALL AND THE STALKER this weekend. I believe we're shooting a scene or two on the subway, but like week ago, I don't anticipate a long day.

My final day of shooting has been moved from April 2nd to April 9th.


I went in to read for the AEA showcase production of THE STRANGER OF KINDNESS last evening at Ripley Grier at 520 8th Avenue.

I read each side for the role of Paul for director Heather Cohn and the playwright twice. I thought I did pretty well...tried to bring variety to my interpretation, but it all depends on what they're looking for specifically. It was fun to read for the part though...the character has a lot of interesting moments that I'd love to investigate further.

We'll see.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

AEA Audition for Totem Pole Playhouse

As I walked into the AEA Audition Center today, I intended the place to be packed. I shall always assume that the place will be packed.

Luckily though, I was able to snag a 12:30 audition slot of the Totem Pole Playhouse in Fayetteville, PA.

I auditioned for artistic director Ray Ficca, who was very nice and friendly. I thought my audition went well. I felt calm, relaxed.

Here is a list of the shows they are presenting this summer:

Hank Williams: Lost Highway
May 28 – June 12, 2011

Moonlight and Magnolias
June 14 - 26, 2011

It Could Be Any One of Us
June 28 - July 10, 2011

Suite Surrender
July 12 - 24, 2011

Honus and Me
July 26 – August 7, 2011

Southern Crossroads
August 9 – 21, 2011

We'll see what happens.

Future Audition for ZOMBIE CHRONICLES 3

Last week, I received an email from director Marvin Suarez, who is currently writing the script for Zombie Chronicles, Episode 3. One of the lead roles is for a school teacher for troubled kids. According to Marvin, it'll be like something out of the 80's movie "Class of 1984" but with zombies.

When the time comes, Marvin would me to come in and try for the part.

He is scheduled to shoot in July and August.

Thanks, sounds like fun.

TOOTLE CLERK Shooting Days Changed

Ben Spaner's short TOOTLE CLERK was scheduled to shoot on March 18th, 19th and 20th, but because of location availiability issues, it has now been moved to April 8th,
9th and 10th. I'm free on both the 9th and 10th, so hopefully the project will still be a go.