Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Last Evenings' Launch Party and BAFF Tonight

Last evenings' launch party for the Big Apple Film Festival was a lot of fun. I spent the bulk of my time with director Sy Cody White and co-star of THE WATCHERS Darrin Biss. Let's just say that we enjoyed the benefits of an open bar : )

I had the opportunity to meet a number of film artists at last evenings' event and we shared our stories about our respective filmmaking processes.

The artists I met were:

Adam Reid, writer and director of the film HELLO LONESOME, which has been making a killing on the film festival circuit. For information on the film, please visit www.hellolonesome.com

Michelle Mensah, Producer and Peilin Kuo, writer and director of the shoer thriller PRESCOTT PLACE, which combines the digital age with the classic hollywood world of film noir. This is a film that I want to see. For information on the film, please visit www.prescottplace.com

Claudio Laniado, actor, producer, writer, director and psychiatrist...on hand to represent his film ROY, which has also been making waves on the festival circuit. Claudio has even won a number of awards for his performance in ROY.

All in all...a wonderful night!

Tonight, of course, is the big night. The entire cast will be on hand, hopefully. I'm looking forward to seeing the film on a big screen. I turn 34 years old today and I can't think of a better birthday gift then sharing in this wonderful evening with artists that I have so much respect for.

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