Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Movie Review of SOCKS AND CAKES

Socks and Cakes (2010)

Review by Peter Clerkin, from New York, NY, on 12-Oct-2010

Writer / director Antonio Padovan addresses the demise of relationships in his dramatic short Socks and Cakes, produced by Kimistra Films and Red Rock Entertainment and starring Timothy J. Cox as Harry, a downtrodden French literature professor who is attending a dinner party in Lower Manhattan hosted by his best friend Richard (Jeff Moffitt) and his wife Amanda (Kirsty Meares), who just happens to be Harry’s ex-wife.

Just a tad awkward, if you ask me.

Also on hand for the party is the sneering David (Ben Prayz) and his latest sexual conquest, the vibrant Sophie (Alex Vincent). It should be noted that at one time, Amanda and David were intimate, much to the sensitive Harry’s chagrin. Richard, who is a bit a dog, immediately turns his sights onto to Sophie, but she doesn’t seem to want to bite. As for Amanda, she’s coming to terms with the fact that her marriage to Richard is over.

This is one heck of a party.

As I watched Socks and Cakes (a rather baffling title), I was reminded of films like The Big Chill, where people dissect their lives and the world around them; everyone thinking they can solve all of their problems in one night or a weekend. It’s not to be.

Writer / director Padovan has the beginnings of a good film here, but when your film clocks in at almost fifteen minutes, you’re not going to get to know everybody.
Still though, Padovan’s film is well made and the cast led by Cox’s nice turn as Harry the teddy bear buried beneath a fa├žade of sarcasm, do their best with what they are given. Meares and Vincent are also in fine form as Amanda and Sophie, respectively.

The film is being submitted to numerous film festivals. If the film is given new life, I'd like to see more to this story, including a new title for the film.

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