Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Global Warming PSA Auditions Last Night

Last nights' auditions went very well. Over two hours, director Dan Kowalski had between 15-20 actresses read for the role of a real estate agent who shows Santa Claus (me) new homes, as he decides to leave the North Pole, which he fears is not going to exist in a few years because of global warming.

It was fun to read with all of the actresses who auditioned. It gave me a chance to start thinking about playing Santa, which I know is going to be a lot of fun.

Also on hand for the auditions was writer / producer Victor Valadez, who I should mention was also the writer for the very funny SPIKE TV (''Fatal Attraction'') Spec commercial I did with Dan a few months back. Victor keeps very busy with producing and copywrighting of ads. Check out his work on his website at www.victorvaladez.com

The commercial is going to shooting in the Greenwich, CT area on either November 6th or 7th.

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