Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Your Movie Review of SOCKS AND CAKES


Antonio Padovan's film has the beginnings of an interesting film, but the script needs expanding.

Review by Michael Dietz

Writer / director Antonio Padovan's drama SOCKS AND CAKES is an ensemble short set in New York 's West Village about five guests at a dinner party and their internal struggles with jealousy and bitterness in their relationships.

Timothy J. Cox stars as a morose French literature professor stuck in a rut over where his life has gone, but we quickly discover that he still has strong feelings for his ex-wife, played by Kirsty Meares, who's married to Richard (Jeff Moffitt) but that marriage is on the rocks. Ben Prayz and Alex Vincent co-star as David, a pompous real estate whiz and his young, sexy girlfriend Sophie. Richard develops eyes for Sophie, while Harry wants to strangle David, especially when he learns that Amanda and David were intimate at one time.

There's a lot to enjoy in writer / director Antonio Padovan's film. It's a nicely shot, well acted piece that breezes along at a solid pace throughout.

Where the problem lies is that we don't see enough. At only 13 minutes, the film only shows us a glimpse of these characters and while Padovan's script gives nice moments to Cox and Meares, who are both very good in their performances, I wanted to see the entire ensemble be an active part of the production. Prayz, especially, I felt was underused.

Overall the film, produced by Kimistra Films and Red Rock Entertainment, is worth a look.

As this review is being written, it is making the rounds on the film festival circuit, so hopefully it will be seen by a larger audience. If the film is a success on the film festival circuit, hopefully Mr. Padovan and his cast will re-visit the project and expand into feature length territory.

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