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October 15, 2010

By Carol Crane

New Jersey based production companies All Things Random and Phalanx Film/Video Productions have two comedic projects in pre-production, according to a representative for both production companies.

Upcoming projects include MARTY AND DOUG’S NEW RELIGION PART II, the sequel to last years’ acclaimed film about two goofs who decide to start their own religion to avoid paying taxes and to meet women.

The film was praised by BlogCritics’ Hannah Marie Ellison as “gloriously silly from the word "go" and was called “clever” and “light hearted” by Jenni Powell of tubefilter news.

The film is available for viewing on Funny or and at the films’ official website:

Creators Vorob and Dan Conrad (also serving as producers) will reprise their roles as Marty and Doug, respectively.

Conrad is currently penning the script, with the returning Dan Kowalski set to serve once again as producer / director.

Other members of the cast expected to reprise their roles from the original are Lisa Peart as Phyllis, Felix Gardon as Barry and Ian Campbell Dunn as Jesus.

Jack Moran and Robert Youngren will be on hand once again to play a pair of evil priests.

Timothy J. Cox and Jennifer Zigler are both expected to join the cast, with Cox to play the role of God and Zigler to play Conrad’s estranged wife.

Molly Montgomery has been approached to reprise her role as Veronica in the sequel and she had expressed interest earlier in the year, but is, as of now unconfirmed.

MARTY AND DOUG’S NEW RELIGION PART II is tentatively set for release in May 2011.

Also in pre-production is GREG’S GUARDIAN ANGEL, starring Vorob (also serving as executive producer) as a ordinary man with quite the good luck charm, his own guardian angel.

Conrad is penning the script and once again, Kowalski will serve as director on the project (as well as executive produce).

The cast includes Cox, Conrad, Montgomery, Elmer Santos and Jon Crefeld.

GREG’S GUARDIAN ANGEL is tentatively set for release in October 2011.

For information on director Dan Kowalski, please visit his official website at

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