Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tech Begins Today

The 4th show at the Pioneeer Playhouse, FOR BETTER, ended last evening.

The tradition is that after one show ends, the set for the next show immediately goes up the same evening. The set for RUN FOR YOUR WIFE did go up quickly, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved. It was a real joy to watch the set go up and imagine the fun soon to be had on it.

Cue to cue will be this evening. Not sure if we're getting a run in, although it may be good to run some of the choreographed sequences, since the stage is on concrete. Lots of physical stuff in the above all else.

Dress rehearsal will be Monday night. Pictures will be taken at that time for the Playhouse's archives and will be hopefully be available for me to post on here.

The show opens on Tuesday night.

Can't wait.

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