Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Re-Uniting With Liz Hodes To Tackle THE GLASS MENAGERIE

I contacted Liz Hodes today to pitch a scene idea for her and I to work on...the classic from Tennessee Williams THE GLASS MENAGERIE. There's a great scene in the play where Amanda has it out with her son Tom. It's scene that brings back great memories, as it is the exact scene I worked on with Erin Barber in my freshman college acting class. I remember director Steve Rader working with me, sometimes stopping me after a single word, asking about intentions and objectives. It was frsutrating at the time, but now, I realize what benefit it was to have someone looking out for me like that.

I'll be in contact with Liz next week to discuss the scene. As always, it's nice to keep the batteries charged.

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