Saturday, August 21, 2010

A House of 403 For Last Nights' Performance

We played to a fully packed house of 403 people for last evenings' performance of the play, which is certainly a record for this season. A great thrill for the entire cast and crew.

The show was fantastic, as it has always been, with audiences roaring with laughter from start to finish. Another standing ovation for the show, which never gets old.

Tonight is the final performance. As I have said before, this process has been one of the most challening, exhausting and fun experiences of my life. I owe quite a bit to every member of the cast, as well as my good friend, director Larry Lesher, for his confidence and his tireless efforts in bringing the best show to the stage that we possibly can,

Tomorrow morning, I'll be back on the road with Synge Maher, Matt Harris and Emily King, heading back to NYC.

And then it's back to the hustle.

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