Saturday, August 28, 2010

Film Mixer A Mixed Bag

Tonights' film mixer in Hartford, CT was a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, there was a very informative question and answer session with film distributors about how technology is affecting distribution and the distribution and marketing of a film in general, but overall, I thought the event lacked organization. Filmmakers did have a chance to screen trailers for their films, but in a crowded hallway and not in a screening room, where people could have come in, sat and watched a few trailers to give their thoughts and opinions.

Jeff Moffitt and I did get a chance to sit with a very kind interviewer named Ann Karrick (a television and radio personality/producer) who asked us about the film and our individual backgrounds. It was very cool...Ann was an excellent interviewer.

Hopefully, a version of that interview will be posted on here in the coming weeks.

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