Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I received the following from Jeff Moffitt:


Sy (Cody White, director) and I are attending the NYFEN (New York Film Exposure Network) charity event tomorrow night... Its $30 bucks at the door or $25 if you buy a ticket on line today.

Sy and I are attending..... THE WATCHERS film trailer will be shown as one of the secret FEATURED FIVE. This is a little more expensive than the usual 10 buck fee but it's also a charity event.

Sy and I went round and round with Amore and the editor of the event to get them the WATCHERS trailer via an e-mail file. We squeezed it in yesterday so that's why we are notifying everyone today. We weren't sure if we were going but now that our trailer is one of the featured 5 were in, and a go for tomorrow night.


Unfortunately, I am unable to attend, but I wish Jeff and Sy the best and hope people enjoy the trailer

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